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Experience the Creative Confluence of Art and Technology with Artgence’s Virtual Exhibition FABRIC



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ile-de-France, Sep 17, 2020 ( – Multidimensional artist management and consultancy agency, Artgence invites you to a virtual exhibition, FABRIC, a hi-tech 3D exhibition dedicated to innovation, technology, and creative proximities in the scope of artistic expansion. FABRIC is designed to showcase the confluence of contemporary innovation and every day to create a space of ambiguous visual explanation. 

Multidimensional use in art is a concept that is gradually popularizing over the digital medium because of the visual experience that it creates. The technology functionally implemented by Artgence is designed to give the guests full authenticity as if they are in an eternal experience in the physical plane. Visitors will be immersed in a world of art where they can share the gallery and its intrinsic thematic justice across the world. Changing pieces within a few clicks and expanding beyond your physical space, one will be able to contemplate, resonate, empathize, and liberate through the mediums of art and technology.

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FABRIC aims at delivering a state-of-the-art confluence of a creative and technological blend. The expansion of creative goals never seems to cease as visitors experience a meandering course of reactive and stirring elements along the course of the exhibition. They have constantly upgraded their creative knowledge in building various collaborations with artists in an overlapping space. Contemporary art is being represented through the digital medium, thus symbolically paving the way for creative evolution.

FABRIC is where humankind collides with the digital world, representing the best of the degrees of innovation created by mankind. Ken Kamara captures the heart of society while Allan Banford uses technology to create an algorithmic art piece transcribed from the literature of the unseen elements surrounding us. Together they represent the entirety of society and what it represents through their work. One will be able to find inspiration and wisdom while reflecting on thematic undertones. Each visitor will experience the emotional drama to each story that the artists have installed and created through mixed media.  

The contemporary definitions of art have been captured and given a platform of expression by Artgence through their scopes of consultation, management, buying, and support. Founded by Marques Hardin, the company has grown into building a community of artists that collectively work together to expand the horizons of creative approximation to limitless degrees. Putting together the prospects of creative development and branding, many artists have found the platform to put forward their work and find global exposure through Artgence.

Artgence seeks to create new experiences in the art world. In a fast-paced world that is constantly evolving, they seek to put artists ahead of the curve and begin to set trends through their work. The digital age works as an inspiration behind their ideas and FABRIC is also an extension of their endless goals. Being a part of their journey will allow visitors to enter a revelation and will be inspired and enriched by their wisdom, insight, values, and deconstruction of themes.

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