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Mareezy’s Version of Protest is Unique, Just Like his Music Video ‘Look Like ME’ Presenting Social Backlashes



Upcoming Pompano Beach based hip-hop artist Mareezy doesn’t rest till he spills all his anger and frustration in the official music video ‘Look Like ME’ on Youtube.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Pompano Beach, Sep 21, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The canvas of 2020 is ruined with the unstoppable pandemic and killing people on racial terms. The rapper, Mareezy from North Carolina makes a new music video ‘Look Like ME’ to show how devastated he feels, focusing on the gruesome reality. He gets the power to protest against the wrong from his music that is organic, pure passion, and raw sentiments. Pompano Beach based hip-hop artist is lost in the darkness of a hopeless reality where people go against each other to supervise supremacy in a brutal way. The music video is the voice of those thousands of protesters who started the life-changing movement “Black Lives Matter‘ after witnessing tremendous cruelty on a black man. George Floyd was murdered by the police and everyone’s heart cried out seeing brutality. This music video is about all the struggling Americans who are often mocked or defamed due to their skin color; an encouraging composition to accept the life and people’s love in the world as it’s given.

Mareezy is a talented rapper who started to polish his skills of songwriting since the age of 14. He started writing songs with rhyming words from a very young age and understood his panache towards hip hop music. Nothing in his life was as addictive as his music. He made a gradual improvement and joined the industry with stupefying indie projects. Working with the big producer Hugo Diaz will always be a milestone in his career. Making music gave him the power to take his stand to claim justice with peace and love. ‘The Greatest’ is one of the biggest hits of the artist. It was released five years ago showing his struggling days and determination to capture the advent of the success that was meant to be his rap realm. With heavy beats and pompous screenplay, he won many views on the music video ‘Tax Season’. All the hard works and big dreams have found a voice, a road to follow with his inspirational attempts. As a lyricist, he brings the avidity of hip hop music back from its grave.

The official music video Look Like ME‘ was released on September 4, 2020, after the movement stirred up a hornet’s nest and began a revolution to protect the dignity of every life on this earth. It showcases the inequality and unjustice done to half of the black population, demeaning their social standards just because of their dark skin. People have forgotten to love and share unity in this world and declare war against their own race. He raps about obtaining respect in society and self-love is the best treatment to fight against these thick-headed monsters. He wants to bring peace with revolutionary music but this world needs a second renaissance to understand that humanity remains above every other human nature. Follow his music on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and hyperurl.



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