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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dayton, Sep 24, 2020 ( – Teacher Creates Cookbook And Subscription Box To Accompany Spice And Seasoning Line

By Arthia Nixon

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Nationwide… When the COVID19 pandemic hit the USA in March, Rachel Blanks a teacher from Dayton, Ohio turned her hobby for cooking into a profitable business by creating a subscription box, and cookbook to accompany her spice line. 

It’s a dream come true for Blanks, creator of Simply Savory by Rachel who has loved being in the kitchen since she was a child. Now she gets to pass that love down to her own daughter who she credits as a great inspiration. 

The Florida A&M graduate says a lot of what she learned at business school also helped prepare her for this moment where she is able to run a successful business at a time people are at home having to cook because of the pandemic, wanting a new flavor to try.

“There’s no doubt about it–spices have been a part of our world forever!” she says. “They’ve brokered deals, started battles, and seasoned dishes for families for centuries. The right blend of spices will separate a boring dish from a memorable one.”

Blanks has created memorable experiences with her viewers who watch her prepare mouthwatering meals on her social media channels as well as during a segment on a local television show. She reminds them that food experts often say that if you can’t grind your own spices, you should refresh them every few months. Especially in such tough economic times, Blanks agrees that for most people, it can be expensive and wasteful. 

“It’s hard to toss a nearly full container of an expensive spice like curry or saffron, even when you might know it doesn’t taste as flavorful,” she said. “Simply Savory by Rachel has a remedy for that. We do the toasting and grinding on our end. We seek out the best spices and freshly grind them for our customers, and mix them in customized seasoning blends so that customers don’t have to buy five to seven separate jars of spices to create one blend.”

It hasn’t always been easy for Blanks to get to this point in her journey. She says her faith has been a big part of it.

“Overcoming difficult times in life and business is contingent upon faith and family,” she said. “I believe and have seen over and over again how my faith in God and my strong family ties have gotten me through every tough time that has been laid in my path–work related stress, multiple sclerosis, miscarriage, financial woes, etc. Knowing who holds everything in His hand and that my family has my back unconditionally gives me the push through every trial.”

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Mrs. Blanks is available for interviews if given at least a 48 hour notice. You may make a media request to [email protected]. All social media handles are @SimplySavoryByRachel 


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