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Xequtive Has Come Up With the Peach of a Hip Hop Number with Cracking Beats in the Music Video ‘HOME RUN’



The smart vocals by Xequtive have got bone-crunching betas that zip along in the music video ‘HOME RUN’. It is a ripper of a track by the astounding rapper.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Lunas, Sep 24, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – A lot of fan frenzy is created as stupendous beats are etched out by the prolific rapper Xequtive. The thumping beats and the insane release in the music video ‘HOME RUN‘ also featuring Bravo is amazing. It is a memorable display of new-age and natty sounds of hip hop. The rapper has unleashed him with full-throttle and has shown incredible finesse with the new rap number. He has shown incredible finesse with the swirling beats of the trap that are mind-blowing and crazy. He has crafted his niche with a lot of panache and his emotions are showcased which is a testimony of his raw talent. He has soared up the summer heat by emulating bars and the fans are mesmerized with its brilliance.
In the riveting music video ‘HOME RUN‘ by the rapper par excellence Xequtive, the audiences are slain by the high octane rhythm that has got a uber-cool feel. The lyrical grandeur in the track comes with an addictive dash. The audiences have put on the thinking cap and the stunning display has engaged innumerable listeners who are enthralled by the captivating rhythm. The rapper has come up with the cracker of a track that is dished out with a dash of confidence. His track makes sense as it is based on the personal experiences of the singer and is belted out with a dash of reality. This makes the track even more relatable and has amplified the hip hop quotient and has broken shibboleths.
The prodigious rapper has come with a sassy groove in the music video that makes it stunning. The mercury level soared up with the magnificent vibes of hip hop in the exquisite number and the singer has stamped his authority in the musical arena with this music video. There is plenty of energy in the track and the music video has been shot in exotic locations making it delightfully entertaining. There is a touch of subtle funk in the track and the fans are treated to ubiquitous swagger and sway by the rapper. The music videos by the singer can be watched by the fans on major trending platforms like YouTube.

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