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ADLUMINO – Digital marketing agency may help SMEs weather Covid-19 storm



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Kuala Lumpur, Sep 27, 2020 ( – The Covid-19 pandemic has caught the SMEs sector off-guard, with diminishing transactions and close to zero income since the lockdown began. SMEs notwithstanding, are reacting to the crisis logically by undergoing a digital transformation.

ADLUMINO – Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia, helped generate more than 50K qualified leads generated for multiple SMEs since May 2020.

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They are offering an exclusive service for SMEs – Only Pay For Results using the power of performance marketing at various levels through Strategic Social Media Marketing & Local Search+Social Programmatic Marketing Services.

ADLUMINO understand that as marketers and entrepreneurs, we all are under pressure to drive revenue & growth. Many of SMEs don’t really know much about web analytics. Some of them might be utterly confused. Instead of considering this gap as illiteracy, it’s a reminder of why analytics is precious for them. ADLUMINO help SMEs to set the course and direction for their business by seeking out opportunities for improvements in utilization of their advertising budget.

Speak with ADLUMINO‘s results specialist today to get started with Rapid Revenue Recovery Services.

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