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Time for the Church to Wake Up, Domestic Violence in the Church as pastor guns down his wife!



Time To Rethink What To Look for in the church, new book, Head to Head With Jezebel raises some serious issues and provides powerful guidelines!

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Sep 29, 2020 ( – As news broke out last few weeks about an American Pastor that gunned down his wife in broad day light. It confirmed what we know already. Domestic violence is in the church! Not only that, but its time for the church to wake up. Whilst more information is coming, this story is about domestic violence 

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, this is the perfect time to rethink and relook at what to consider before becoming part of any church. This is not the time to do church like yesterday. There is a lot going on. This is the message from the controversial book, Head to Head with Jezebel, written by award winning author, Wisdom V Mupudzi.

Wisdom is no stranger to church culture as he has attended both small churches and mega churches over the years. He also spent several years leading in the ministry of prayer, in a small to medium sized church where he gained a lot of experience in dealing with leadership and also the many things that many people go through. 

Wisdom encourages people to be in relationships that are full of freedom and where there is mutual respect and that fosters purpose. Head to Head With Jezebel also identifies those key things that indicates that someone is an abuser. Prevention is better than cure, Many people are in toxic relationships because they didnt see the warning signs.

The same applies to churches. Abusive leadership destroys talent and even lives. Leadership that nurtures and raises new leaders is the key for the new decade. Wisdom encourages people to understand the key fundamentals so that they can manifest purpose.

To learn more and begin your journey of empowerment. Get your copy of Head to Head With Jezebel.
Head to Head With Jezebel is now available in both print and digital format. Initially released on ebook format. Good news is you can now get whatever version you prefer. Whether you want to read on your tablet, phone etc or you want something that you can ”touch”, ‘feel” or give as a present to your bestie,bff or whoever you like. 

He also explains in this video, why I wrote Head to Head With Jezebel   


Like Wisdom says, you have an Uncommon Destiny! 

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