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Trap Artist Paidkamp Flaunts His Extraordinary Pitching Agility in His Latest MV Called ‘Lucid Nightmarez’



Detroit trap artist Paidkamp presents his unique blend of groovy rhythms and thought-provoking libretto in his recently released music video ‘Lucid Nightmarez’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Detroit, Oct 4, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Contemporary hip-hop music has the ability to bring out the best of both old school and modern resonance of the genre preserving the melodic essence of its roots. Gifted trap artist Paidkamp is infiltrating the mainstream music industry with his nostalgic yet upgraded version of the genre exuding his dynamic individual twist. With back to back hits, he has recently released a music video called Lucid Nightmarez, which marks his exceptional creativity and unique rendition into the genre. The track starts with a slower beat that quickly picks up the pace to give support to the pummeling verse delivery by the artist. The addictive rhythmic beat is achieved through progressive arrangements and chord structures that showcase the true capabilities of his wondrous artistic craftsmanship.

The bold and talented artist has started his musical journey at a very young age being surrounded by different musical influences. Blessed with a naturally robust and soulful vocal style, the Detroit trap artist has been able to breathe life into his lyrical compositions expressing his thoughts and emotions with impeccable precision with REZZO, TC x BANKROLLKELL x YHUNGREZZ. Without being restricted by the tedious norms of conventional and contemporary music, his soundscape offers unparalleled thematic freedom where the artist can stretch his limitations and imaginations creating something extraordinary. Driven by the passion to create something fresh and inimitable, the brilliant musician is always including new and contrasting elements to his music bringing out the true potential of his wondrous artistry.

Inspired by the events around him and the world, the articulate artist channels his raw energy into crafting an honest and relatable soundscape that connects with the audience on so many levels. His most recent hip hop and trap banger ‘Lucid Nightmarez’ is a representation of his inner psyche that is executed through boisterous rap delivery backed up by his fiery vocal style. Paidkamp is also well-known for his gritty vocal performances in other masterpieces ‘Paranoia’, ‘Bad Bad’, ‘Thug Luv3’, ‘Love Letter’, and more, that are his finest rhythmically rich lyrical numbers. Listen to his collection on YouTube and SoundCloud, and follow him on Instagram for information about his music and his upcoming works.

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