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The Only Ethics You Need To Attain A Fruitful Life


the only ethics you need book cover

This is the Ultimate guide to positive living. Every aspect of life is discussed, and tips given on how to improve. Our ethics as a society has never been this detailed and recommendation given such as this. A must read for all.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Brisbane, Oct 8, 2020 ( – Sonia A Nwajei Book launch; The Only Ethics You to Attain a Fruitful Life. An insightful book about our morals and failing in the society, and ways to turn back the clock. This book is geared towards the family unit. Because the author strongly believes the family is the grassroots of society. If the root is uncorrupted, so will the leaves and fruit.

What happens in the family greatly affects the society, hence she wrote this book to raise awareness. If a child is raised responsibly, he or she will grow into a decent adult, who will in-turn become a positive addition to the community and society in general. But where there is a lack of proper parenting, care, and nurturing, the life of the child follows the same sequence. They will become an irresponsible adult and a menace to society.

The Only Ethics You Need (book) will teach you how to live a decent life and contribute positive energy into our Cosmos, for the benefit of humanity. GET YOUR COPY NOW on the author’s website.

About the Author:

Sonia A Nwajei is an intelligent and creative writer who has written other books to this effect. Her aim is to help people think and do better, so they can help society be a better place for us all. Her other books includes;

–          26 Ways to Inspire Yourself

–          6 Misconceptions about Marriage

–          Eleven Crucial Steps for Indie Writers

–          Kelvin Dean


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