Multi-Talented Hip Hop and Trap Artist King J Drops another Thematic Bomb in the Form of His Latest MV ‘Drip’


King J

Upcoming Hip Hop artist from London King J is swiftly becoming a household name in the global hip hop community with his energetic performance in the single ‘Drip’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Feltham, Oct 10, 2020 ( – The sub-genre of trap is the most innovative invention in the music industry that has been derived from the genre of hip hop. Mastering the charismatic methods of the genre, eminent hip-hop artist King J has bestowed the global music scene with his captivating soundscape exuding his extraordinary creative artistry. He has recently released a dynamic trap number called ‘Drip’ that features jaw-dropping 808 beats and his hypnotic rhyming dexterity introducing the audience with the true potential of the genre. Produced by Purple Beats the song has an outstanding music video that features the artist himself in all his glory amplifying the impact of the acoustic vibe of the track. The visual presentation is praiseworthy exhibiting the energetic and passionate performance of the artist.

Blessed with powerful vocal agility, the exceptionally talented Upcoming hip hop artist from London has been utilizing it to his advantage to increase the boldness of his rap delivery. Starting his musical journey at a very young age, the prolific musician developed a keen attraction to the genre of hip hop from the beginning. This led him to work tremendously on perfecting his rhyming techniques exploring diverse melodic and rapping styles and ultimately finding his own sound that expresses his thoughts and emotion with flawless precision. Influenced by the experiences that he has faced in his life resulted in him developing a more convincing and conscious style of rapping presenting a more original and relatable content, which has become his trademark.

Working independently, King J is not bound by any obligation, hence producing outlandishly bold creations that are extremely rare in contemporary artists. His recently released single ‘Drip‘, produced by Purple Beats is the epitome of confident and conscious rap laden with a powerful and thought-provoking lyrical illustration. The polished visuals incorporated with pummeling groove and the power-packed vocal performance takes the track to its dynamic heights. His previous soundtracks ‘We Paid’, ‘Cold’, ‘Freedom Writers’, and ‘BEAST MODE #1’ represent his unparalleled artistry earning him vast popularity. Follow him on Instagram. to know more about his next EP dropping before the end of this year.

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