Ajay Rekhi Has Dished Out Cracking Beats and Exquisite Melody in the Fascinating Track ‘Alvida’



Soulful vibes are etched out by Ajay Rekhi in the music video of the popular track ‘Alvida’. It is a splendid execution by the talented independent musician.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Brampton, Oct 13, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Some smooth vocals of eclectic sounds of beautiful country music are belted out by Ajay Rekhi. He has come up with the most peaceful sounds from the brilliant track ‘Alvida’. The singer is also the owner of an up to the minute production house called ‘AAR Music’ that has futuristic facilities. There are organic sounds of guitar that is accompanied by a passionate delivery and brilliant acoustics. There is an unwavering passion in the track which is backed by the pristine sounds of the track. There is an impeccable vocal style of delivery with an addictive dash and makes for a stunning listening experience. There are flickers of instrumentation in the backdrop of smooth vibes and make the track a savvy gem. There is plenty of energy in the track that is refreshing and adds to the fervor with incredible finesse. 

In the brilliant track Alvida‘ by the singer par excellence Ajay Rekhi there is an engaging rhythm that has a lot of zest. The track has got an insane release and flows along with some brilliant vocals. The passionate vibes in the track are heightened to a different level altogether by the emotional grit and the natural rasp. The captivating song has created a lot of fan frenzy and is played in all the major mainstream airplay, podcasts, and other places like discotheques and festival arenas. A gritty show has been laid out by the singer with consummate ease and has soared up the mercury level once again. 

The fascinating number by the astounding singer has got a whip-smart hook-line that is classy and has a splendid rhythm. The track has a fantastic tune that is deftly composed and incredibly crafted. The song has made an instant connection with fans all over the globe and the singer has stood up to the expectations that are created around the song. The fans are treated to some flabbergasting stuff with the contemporary vibes on the track. The singer has got quite a few other songs to his kitty and has garnered a lot of popularity with the numbers ‘Gulabi Aankhen’, ‘Tanhaiyan’, ‘Meri Zindagi’ and ‘Sardiyon’.

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