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A Los Angeles polygraph test can be quietly watched from start to finish by the client, for under $200!


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To prevent your person from offering the Examiner a bribe or a sad story in hopes of a false pass, arrange to see and hear everything. Then you can be more confident with the final results.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Nov 23, 2020 ( – Most Los Angeles polygraph tests are about cheating in a relationship, or about a theft. Since a guilty party often has a lot to lose if they fail the test (as they know they will), some offer a bribe or a sad story to the examiner, looking for a false Pass.

To prevent even any worry about this, does something no other lie-detection office in the Los Angeles area does: it has the testing set up so it can be silently monitored by the client (typically a spouse). This way the examiner is never ‘alone’ with the client’s person. Everything is seen and heard, including the medical tracings picked up by computer with each answer. The client is informed what to watch for on the computer screen portion (see attached image) live as it occurs and can actually see if their person is passing or failing before the examiner says anything. This is NOT something that can be offered by a mobile examiner, or by an examiner in a rent-by-the-hour office, or by an examiner that uses an attorney-buddy’s conference room for testing– it must be done in a well-equipped professional polygraph office that is used only for polygraph!

A lie-detector test in Los Angeles typically allows one to four questions from the client to be used. Each question should be three to nineteen words, Yes or No answerable, with no ‘ands’, ‘ors’ or commas. Common questions are “Since you got married have you done anything sexual with anyone other than your spouse?” or “Did you take any of the money missing from the box yesterday?”.  Following the exact same polygraph guidelines used by police and the FBI, microscopic changes to the person’s blood, sweat and breathing reveal truth or lie.

Free confidential consultation at, [email protected], and at 818 883-6969. Available 7 days a week, days and evenings. Under $200 for a complete computerized Los Angeles polygraph examination administered by an expert with decades of lie-detection experience– in examiner’s OWN professional polygraph office.

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Polygraph Test Los Angeles

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Polygraph Test Los Angeles
Polygraph test in Los Angeles can be quietly watched from start to finish by the client; under $200!
[email protected]
4235 Glencoe Avenue

818 883-6969


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