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Groove with Synth-Pop Music of the Latest Melancholy Funk Tracks of Paper Heart


Emotionally Cool Single Edit

Upcoming American musician Paper Heart® is creating a new music genre named melancholic funk. The flavors of sad lyrics and upbeat music can be noticed in his tracks.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hugo, Nov 27, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The tide of new wave music hits the industry as American music artist Paper Heart® has come up with his latest collection ‘The Breeze – EP’. The EP consists of five new tracks that represent the artist’s talent and skill in music. The tracks like ‘Emotionally Cool (Single Edit)‘ and ‘The Last Woman On Earth’ from the EP churns out the flavors of funk along with emotional lyrics. Each of the tracks has a beautiful musical arrangement which is simple yet engaging enough to create the hook. The emotional lyrics and the artist’s unique singing style do not fail to evoke the deeper emotions of the listeners.

Aundrea Alexander Radford, also known as Paper Heart®, is an uber-talented musician, singer, and songwriter from Oklahoma, USA. He is the master of his own game with his prolific musicianship and unique idea of a melancholy-funk. He likes to call himself a melancholy-funk singer as his tracks provide an amalgamation of sad, emotional lyrics with danceable upbeat music. Not only singing but this artist has good hands on the guitar, keyboard, and bass as well. He is greatly influenced by the artists like Prince, Sade, The Cure, David Bowie and many others from the golden era of the ’80s.

This artist is currently working on many other projects which are going to be a blast like his latest EP. The other tracks in the EP like ‘Another Breath’, ‘Happen Again’, etc provide similar sad funk vibes like ‘Emotionally Cool (Single Edit)’ and ‘The Last Woman On Earth‘. Follow this artist over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify to get more information about his music.

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