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New Patented App Allows Consumers to Track their Warranties Launched


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Dec 9, 2020 ( – Warranties can save consumers a lot of money and that is one of the main reasons they buy a product and even add additional coverage. Electronic devices, appliances, homes warranties, recreational vehicles, tires, batteries, and on and on. Focussing on the largest industry, the automotive market it is a known fact that auto repairs can go into the thousands of dollars. This industry is also plagued by FAKE emails, robo calls, invoices, and other misleading elements. The reason this happens is the dealerships partner with these types of misleading companies to generate more business. It is based on formulas, algarwriths and even GPS devices they apply to mislead the consumer.  Face it, most vehicle consumers cannot recall the miles and or the months of one of their largest financial purchases. 

The MyHipSmart app is for the consumer to actually track their own mileage and terms. It uses NO GPS devices and alerts the user of the pending end of warranty particulars ie: miles to expiration and the time ie: 6, 3, 1 month. Discovered by Wayne Merry an entrepreneur while working in an automotive service dealership he patented this app solution for consumers.  lt also holds the most important documents, the policies. Some add-on warranties like paint, wheel damage, etc.. are third-party companies and you will need your documents to put in a claim. Other documents that can be added are the recall notices/servicing, vehicle’s manual, short cut notes, and even youtube videos for setting up your wi-fi in their vehicles. Everything about the vehicle can be saved and even the link to set an appointment online for all services at their dealership. Users of the app “Liked” the app because it made it easier to track anyone with more than one vehicle. While during beta testing a savings of over $4000 was discovered with a Toyota Prius braking system that had the braking system warranty extended from 100,000 miles to 150,000. And the last benefit is the user now can disregard all of the fake warranty notices! 
The app also uses the same software to also track consumer coupons/offers and even bogos increasing the financial benefits to subscribers. 

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