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Call for Candidates for Honorary Doctorate in Environmental Arts – Peace Sciences from ICEA


ICEA Honorary Degree in Environmental Arts and Peace Sciences ICEALITY

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cleveland, Ohio Feb 2, 2021 ( – The CLEVELAND NATIONAL PEACE PLAN
is all about building the National Coast-to-Coast ‘Great American Peace Trail’ to Stem the Violence in America’s Youth, Create Jobs, Restore our Parks and Unite America! Ambassador Renate feels that so many people have been working in unimaginable many ways on this nationwide project, and it’s time we begin to all heal and overcome — together.   She would like everyone to know that their efforts are appreciated greatly and also know that sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, appreciation is not shown as effectively as we should.  Therefore, ICEA would like to reward them the with International Center for Environmental Arts 2021 Honorary Doctorate in Environmental Arts & Peace Sciences to be presented at the historic ARK in Berea Eco-Museum in March as part of Woman’s History Month. 

“We now have the power to make this World a beautiful place one child at a time. Begin with your own child and watch how that child radiates towards the other Worlds Children” First Lady of Peace, Ambassador Renate.
Looking at our overpopulated society in which Sustainability has become a necessity against Ecocide, the crucial role of the Theory of Iceality in the Environmental Arts and Design Revolution becomes even more evident.

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This also makes Iceality a philosophy meaning that there is hope for Humanity after all and that improvements in our Society can take place daily. ICEA views it as a transformation to a better place where “Economics and Culture combined with leading-edge technology and thriving entrepreneurship and pioneering organizational styles provide the background for the most profound inquiry ever into the Nature of Peace that will affect our planet’s very evolution for centuries to come.”

Iceality has become the metonym modern sustainable agenda for saving our Planet, presenting the most important developments of major elements which comprise the future which is the relationship between Humans and their Environment through Design and Culture, ultimately promoting an effective sustainable global Culture of Peace between all Living Things in the Human, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms.

This Doctorate Program is designed to reward efforts and loyalty to the mission of the Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) of Peace and Goodwill to All Living Things – The Worlds Children – through Iceality, the primary criteria being life long service to the betterment of the world we live in. These Certificates will represent our international appreciation and will serve as an ongoing reminder of your achievements in making the ‘Universal Cradle for a Culture of Peace for all Living Things‘ that will be an inspiration for future generations to follow.

Thank you everyone everywhere again for your Service. 

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International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)

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ARK in Berea Eco-Museum 519 Karen Drive

International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)
For the “Iceality Silver Revelation”, the Greater Cleveland Area has become recognized as the Global Home of the Environmental Arts Movement as a ‘Cultural Industry Economic Engine’, to foster civic identity, cultivate jobs and tourism, and brand Ohio Environmental Arts and Culture District in the Bioregion and as the ‘Cradle for a Universal Culture of Peace’ for All Living Things – the Worlds Children.
[email protected]
519 Karen Drive
ARK in Berea Eco-Museum



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