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Enjoy the Sophisticated Piano Arrangement of ‘ENAMORADO’ by Lorenzo Rodriguez


ENAMORADO by Lorenzo Rodriguez

Get through an emotional piano composition through latest track ‘ENAMORADO’ by Lorenzo Rodriguez. This Nevada artist has made this track with his wife’s inspiration.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Las Vegas, Nevada Feb 8, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Get through the amazing instrumental arrangement of Lorenzo Rodriguez and his latest track ‘ENAMORADO’. The track churns out the flavors of Ballade while engaging the listeners with soothing piano compositions. The music artist is a versatile performer who is enriched with his piano skills. The track is dedicated to the artist loving wife who inspired him the most to pursue his musical journey. The love and emotion can be felt through the mesmerizing notes of the piano that keeps evolving as the track progresses. A soft meandering soundscape provides the listeners a major hook.

Hailing from Nevada in the United States, this artist is not a full-time musician but he also has a business named LMR International INC. In his 30+ years of life, the person is quite dedicated to his business and music as well. He has been making a lot of compositions earlier while nurturing his musical skills. The latest track ENAMORADO is one of the favorite tracks of the artist that he composed. He is working on new compositions right now which are soon to be revealed. Following his passion for music made him one of the finest independent music artists. Lorenzo loves his wife and reflects through his emotional musical composition. He composed the latest track at the time when his wife was his girlfriend. The well-tooled instrumental track is filled with quick immersive moments that keep an impact on the listeners both musically and emotionally. 

This talented musician is versatile in nature and likes to work with different genres. With the musical inspirations from life and experience, the artist working on an upcoming project called ‘Modern Fantasy’. The release date is not scheduled yet and that’s enough to keep up the anticipation. The reason behind his musical creativity is nothing but his talent, skills, and great sense to create original music. Churning out the flavors of Ballade, this artist is making some significant buzz among the listeners even though it is just the beginning of his musical career. Follow Lorenzo Rodriguez over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to know more about his upcoming music and experimental works.  


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