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Innovative Bike Rack Made Using The LEAN Method


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This Ultralight Rack will be a game changer in the industry

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Morgan Hill, California May 4, 2021 ( – DovetailFerst today announced their Ultralight Hitch Bike Rack. The Ultralight Bike Rack is designed using the LEAN Method and offers a new way for Cyclists & Mountain Bikers to safely travel with their bikes.


 “We are the originators of this concept for use in bike racks,” says Steve Randazzo, Founder of DovetailFerst. “The end result is a bike rack that weighs 8.5 to 12 pounds and is still very strong.”


Features and benefits of the Ultralight Bike Rack include.


  • The Single Tray rack weighs in at 8.5 lbs & a Double Tray 12 lbs.
  • Using our Dovetail Hitch, the rack has no rattle and play; making your bike(s) firmly secure for traveling.
  • Competitive Price Point
  • Made, Designed, and Sourced in The United States


The Ultralight Hitch Bike Rack is currently available beginning at $350. For more information on the Ultralight Hitch Bike rack visit


About DovetailFerst: We consist of a 3 person team; Steve Randazzo, Brian Navarra, and Mario Solorio. Simply put – we gear heads. We race cars, ride bikes, and enjoy the outdoors. Collectively, our professional background is in manufacturing with expertise in the LEAN enterprise. Using LEAN principles throughout, we’re able to be more nimble, allowing us to develop and manufacture products in a high-cost region while bringing a better value to our customers.


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DovetailFerst is a Ultralight Bike Rack Company
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