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Akili Polee: Entrepreneur Motivational Speaker Shares His Insights to Achieve One’s Goals


Akili Polee CEO

(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, California May 5, 2021 ( – Akili Bryan Polee Motivates Entrepreneurs With Amazing Ideas To Achieve Their Goals

Akili Polee, with his experience in business consultancy, military work, entrepreneurship and setbacks, allowed him to vision different concepts and approaches which guided various companies to grow their business successfully.

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Polee has a reputation for being fearless to reach his dreams and goals in life. He dreams big and enjoys taking risks whatever it takes to make it happen.

Akili Polee’s Life Journey & Experience

Akili Bryan Polee was born in San Bernardino, California, a city outside of Los Angeles. At the age of 9, he started making money by watering neighbor’s plants, cleaning houses and yards. He didn’t mind walking miles and miles just to earn and save for school. At school, he also sold candies which he bought from the store. At the age of 14, he worked in machinery then moved to Stockton at the age of 16.

He joined the US Navy at 20 and rendered service for 8 years. Those years in the navy helped him improve his leadership and diversity skills. It also taught him how to interact with people from all walks of life.

Polee left the navy and his natural entrepreneurial drive pushed him to recognize business opportunities in selling online. He sold piercing accessories and glow sticks. He thrived in online selling when he found a direct supplier in China whom he ordered bulk items of piercing accessories. He supplied piercing accessories to tattoo parlors in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and California respectively.

Through hard work, patience and perseverance, he acquired his first house at the age of 23 and earned his first million at 25.

Polee, always seeks out opportunities, takes action on them and tries to find solutions. He managed a large group of teams for years and learned to hone his niche expertise. With his various experiences in entrepreneurship and business management, he has shared with many individuals and companies.  Many motivated learners have been groomed through his company’s training, motivational speeches and by connecting the right set of people with the same vision and goals.


What Makes Akili Polee Approach Different from Majority?

Akili Polee is one of the best blockchain experts, an advisor and an entrepreneur.

  • Clarity in Work Approach – When Akili Polee is working on a project, he makes sure that everybody has a clear understanding of their tasks, responsibilities and processes at work. How things are handled? How much output is intended in a given time? What are the necessary steps needed to get the work done? That defines the outcome of his company’s effort.
  • Strategic Thinking- Any business needs to have a strategy that comes with brainstorming and clarity with your team. Strategic planning helps set priorities, ensures that employees are working toward common goals and establishes agreement around the intended outcome. That’s what Akili Polee is doing for a long time to be successful.
  • Organized System- To run any business successfully, an organized system enhances a company’s overall performance and helps to progress in the right direction. Akili Polee follows a system that enables him to monitor and manage staff whilst staying connected to the operational strategies of the business.
  • Productive Principles- Akili Polee invests his time, effort and money on projects that deliver valuable results or outcomes. Investing your time in things that are not giving you the positive result or profit is useless. A detailed business plan would help define and focus on business purpose, values and vision in order to produce positive results in a given period of time.
  • Blockchain Expert- Cryptocurrency was first introduced to him by his friend in July 2009, however, at that time only a few people knew about it. Akili Polee started mining with his friend in the same year but he didn’t have much interest because digital money doesn’t make any sense at that time. He acquired his first cryptocurrency which he later sold at a very cheap price. Cryptocurrency is a new investment platform where people are showing interest nowadays. Akili Polee ventured into other business opportunities. It was in 2013 when he actively participated in mining and trading. He was invited to local and international conferences and speaking engagements about blockchain technology. His expertise in this field provides consultancy to enthusiastic individuals the right way to invest and approach in this new technology.

Akili Bryan Polee, with his experience, setbacks and success, knows how and when to take certain steps in business or life and has motivated individuals to grab every opportunity that comes their way. He is a self-motivated man full of passion to go after his goals, a risk-taker and a wizard who does anything to make it happen. 



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