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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Gujarat, India May 6, 2021 ( – More and more people are moving towards the movement of decentralized Finance. UCX Foundation is a pioneer at leveraging decentralized networks that convert financial products into transparent protocols to operate without any intermediaries. Using blockchain technology, the company helps the traders to participate in transactions that are not controlled by a central clearing authority. The company has submitted its project to many multinational companies and is sure to receive over 1 million dollars worth of funding in the near future.


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The firm is set to join forces with a leading developer of blockchain-powered devices, Pos. they are making XPOS that is the world’s first-ever point-of-sale solution. It allows traders and consumers to do instant in-store transactions on the blockchain. They have also created BOB, which is the world’s first blockchain phone. It is powered by Function X. With this device, users will be able to own and control their own data without the need for any centralized service provider.


Armed with their 5 years of experience in the field, UCX foundation is offering a variety of services regarding cryptocurrency. They provide the best cryptocurrency exchange service called Ucx exchange globally. Established by expert traders and experienced blockchain enthusiasts, the service wants to open doors to an epic blockchain revolution. Now anyone can buy, sell, and trade digital currencies without any hassle. They also offer crypto custodial, cryptoparking, Crypto fixed deposit returns, and crypto loan services to anyone interested.

UCX foundation is co-founded by Faizal Chunara, who is the CEO of the company. Started as an IT hardware engineer he soon became the top advisor and trader on major P2P platforms. Currently listed on Bilaxy and p2bb2b, he hopes to successfully introduce decentralized finance or Defi into the global market. For more information visit them at

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