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DjDripz’s deep-rooted Afro-vibes have ascended in the form of the new tropical hit single ‘OVERDOSE’



DjDripz, a young Nigerian solo artist, became a staple of the massive hip hop industry with a fresh blend of Afro-beats and pop tunes in the melodic song ‘OVERDOSE’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bowie, Maryland May 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – After the release of Nigeria-born solo artist DjDripz‘s euphoric single ‘OVERDOSE’, he has cemented his spot as an industry staple. His name is included alongside some of hip hop’s big hitters. Via multiple hit singles released at the start of this year, he has gained the status of a legend. In the hard-hitting rhythms of the new single, his energetic vocals paint a beautiful picture of empathy and passion. He incorporates the upbeat waves of tropical melodies into it, bringing them together with the strong use of instruments in harmony. Thousands of his fans are now aware of his artistic talent. He has become a stunning indie artist, especially on Spotify, where his most recent track earned thousands of likes in a single day. The brightness and harmonized elegance of the hook, as well as the repeated and catchy refrain, has merged with a plethora of textures of Afro-pop culture.

DjDripz is a young, versatile musician who believes in his love for huge visions. He stands out from the crowd because of the high quality of his music. He has begun to sell hundreds of albums worldwide, contributing one milestone after another to his record. He gathers stories from his everyday encounters with the people around him, taking inspiration in the smallest details that can make a difference in someone’s life. He has no regrets over his shattered heart. He enjoys nostalgic pangs in order to revive romantic turmoil in his lyrics. His new track, OVERDOSE is a lovely rap song with calming vocals and catchy hooks. The bright undertone of fizzy pop beats contributes to the song’s textures. It is extremely difficult for an underground artist like him to maintain a strong reputation in the overcrowded artistic industry. He gives his all to make soulful music as much as he can.

Being from Nigeria aided him in understanding the African music movement in which he was raised. He crawls his way to the top of the hip hop universe with the groovy tracks he recently produced. He has seen unprecedented growth in the global music scene since the release of several new singles with indie touch and afro-beats. He’s now working on new sounds to impress his followers. Get all of his music-related notifications from Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and Distrokid.

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