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SHARK Establishes Digital Currency Fund to Benefit the Environment


Meme-inspired cryptocurrency could be ‘the currency of Earth in the future’, Elon Musk recently quipped.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Newark, Delaware Jun 1, 2021 ( – The SHARK cryptocurrency has the potential to change the world. A portion of every block-chain technology-based transaction is sent to the SHARK Green World Fund to benefit the environment. Funds are used to assist in solving water emissions issues and other problems that are aspects of climate change.

The company’s aim is to be one of the only genuine culture tokens. It’s operated by the government, ultimately owned by the SHARK community, and is committed to long-term goals that make it a profitable investment. For every buying or selling transaction, 2 percent is sent to existing investors as a reward and 2 percent auto-lock to liquidity. That results in less volatility and an increasing price floor.

SHARK was launched on Binance Smart Chain as BEP20 and as of May 2021. SHARK seeks to partner with environmental organizations and conducts community polls for the charity of choice that will receive a donation. Each charity event is announced at the firm’s Telegram Group and highlighted on its Twitter page.

Security and safety are primary concerns and 100 percent of all LP tokens are burnt to lock liquidity forever. That precaution results in zero risk to investors or damage from potential bad actors. SHARK tokens are 100 percent decentralized and managed by volunteers. Auto-farming is safe and there are currently more than 2,000 holders. No tokens are reserved for the SHARK team.

The project relies on donations and volunteers to raise funds that will be utilized for three purposes. The first is real-world promotions, digital advertising, and social media influencers. The second is exchange listings beyond PancakeSwap and the third is for product development to execute the SHARK roadmap and to expand the SHARK ecosystem. Individuals can purchase tokens by visiting the SHARK website or at PancakeSwap.

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