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Forte 1 Technologies Makes a Statement On and the rise of F1 Token DeFi Ecosystem



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Harare, Zimbabwe Jun 14, 2021 ( – In the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem, grasping new financial opportunities is essential in achieving long-term success. Long gone are the days when crypto investors would just hold their coins and tokens in a wallet and wait for the price to grow.

”We can see that in May 19 market-wide implosion sent Bitcoin to an unexpected low at $30,000 US dollars left many leveraged traders liquidated in the black swan event. Altcoins were quick to follow suit as they joined Bitcoin in its plunge and hardly a token was left unscathed by the downturn as a wider-sell-off rippled across the market, resulting $437 billion being wiped off from the total market capitalization to $1.672 trillion US dollars, its lowest level since April 25” Said  Forte 1 Technologies Spokes Person.

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In times of such high volatility, risk-free trading strategies such as arbitrage have proven useful in maintaining profitability.

With a robust 5-year plan to develop more innovative products, Forte 1 Technologies has already started on its DeFi milestones. Tapping on the NFT trend right now, they will be launching their own digital collectibles, Forte Speed trading cards. As part of the trading cards NFT model, they are also developing a blockchain game that utilize the trading cards in the game of racing. Users are able to participate in their weekly race games and winners will be awarded F1 Tokens.

One of the experts stated that there is now more than $100 billion worth of assets trading in DeFi platforms and Forte 1’s DeFi ecosystem with the F1 token in Binance Smart Chain, which is the fastest-growing DeFi platform in the world, combined with a ready database of users, will surely enable F1 token to be a valuable crypto asset for the future.

About Forte 1 Technologies

Forte 1 Technologies was established in 2020 by a passionate team of computer scientists and engineers with expertise in AI, data analysis, distributed systems, and marketing. Registered in Seychelles, Forte 1 Technologies is headquartered in US. It was initially founded to provide artificial intelligence platforms to help private companies with their arbitrage needs. Today, Forte 1 Technologies offer retail solutions to the public masses.

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