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A 21st Century Noah’s Ark Cell Bank Launched to Preserve Human (Genes) Cells from Pandemics – using Blockchain



Armadyne Corp., Launches a 21st Century Noah’s Ark Cell Bank to Preserve Our Human (Genes) Cells from Potential Damage Caused Ever-Mutating Pandemic Virus – using Blockchain

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jun 22, 2021 ( – Armadyne Corp., announced today the launch of the Armadyne Cell Bank, the world’s first cell bank for healthy individuals to preserve their human (Genes) cells from potential mutation caused by an ever-mutating coronavirus SARS-CoV2’s spike protein, or other mutagen risk factors, and will utilize Blockchain technology.

“From 2019, we are currently living the first experience in history where humanity has continually adapted to dangerous biological threat: a continuously mutating coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.” Says Miki Komatsu, CEO of Armadyne Cell Bank “Lab research data suggests the Coronavirus pandemic pathogen may integrate its genetic code into human chromosomes. There are no long-term studies that prove an ever-mutating virus will not damage healthy human (genes) cells. It’s a completely unknown world. No one knows the future in this pandemic era.”

Perhaps an ever-mutating (adaptive) and highly infectious pandemic pathogen will be one of humanity’s amazing adaptability moments that begins to manage mutagen risk factors to preserve healthy human (genes) cells of our loved ones and for future generations.

Armadyne Cell Bank is a subsidiary of Armadyne Corp., whose founders were the world’s first to successfully reprogram human adult cells into genetically identical pluripotent stem cells, and have decades of experience in the research and development of advanced methods of cell manufacturing and the clinical translation of cutting-edge cell-based regenerative therapies; and are currently engaged in the development of an activated adipose cell (ASC) product for the treatment of severe COVID-19 complications.

Therefore, Armadyne is the world’s only cell bank to offer clients adult cell reprogramming into their genetically identical pluripotent stem cell lines for future regenerative medicine client-specific products or cell therapies, and reproductive services to ensure a family’s healthy future.

In addition, Armadyne Corp. will be opening a Regenerative Medical Clinic for the treatment of acute and chronic sequelae of COVID-19 complications. SARS-CoV-2 infection is believed to affect mainly the respiratory system; however, other organs such as kidneys, heart, intestine, testes, and ovaries, etc., have been reported.

Armadyne Cell Bank clients can pay for cell banking, regenerative products and therapies, reproductive health services, telehealth services, and digital assistants with cryptocurrencies by using Armadyne Token as a cyber-secure ecosystem platform for client-specific management, which empowers and democratizes collaborative evidence-based healthcare.

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About: Armadyne Corp is a next-generation regenerative bio-engineering company developing technology to exponentially improve regenerative (stem cell) medicine treatments for devastating diseases, dysfunctions, and disorders for patients with high unmet medical needs worldwide, as the existing medical treatments are ineffective.

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