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369 Manifestation Code Review – My 21-days Experiences – Results


369 Manifestation Code Review

Find Out Everything You Need To Know About The 369 Manifestation Code Based on My Personal Experiences!

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369 manifestation code although a fairly new product but with claims to help you improve your financial and social life exponentially. And all you need do is invest 5 minutes daily for the next ten days and listen to the audio tracks provided in the program.

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But, is it possible? Well, that’s what I will reveal to you in this 369 manifestation code review based on my personal experiences after trying the program myself. 

What Is The 369 Manifestation Code?

369 manifestation code is an audio program.

The program is inspired by a combination of unique numbers: 3,6,9. These are the sacred numbers that serve as a key to abundant life. These help by connecting your mind with the universe.

Here’s why it can work:

All manifestations are controlled by how well the mind connects with the universe. The mind is where all our thinking process occurs, where we create a picture of our ideal life.

And, by using this secret combination of numbers, you can connect your mind to your desired reality.

Several expensive manifestation and law of attraction programs are available that claim to help you achieve an ideal life. But, none of them teaches you the secret method which many millionaires use to achieve a life full of abundance.

The idea of the 369 manifestation code is based on the beliefs of Nikola Tesla, the most outstanding scientist ever to exist. What many people don’t know about him is that he is a “master of manifestation.”

He believed that the ideas and inspirations he gets came from the universe and not his mind. He also felt that one could achieve more wealth and abundance by connecting with the universe with the right frequency.

And, it can be through these three magnificent numbers. Moreover, Tesla was obsessed with the idea that he lived only in rooms and floors with these numbers.

He also quoted this teaching by saying –

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, then think it in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Who Created The 369 Manifestation Code?

The 369 manifestation code is created by Darius, one of the leading manifestation teachers, and over a million people follow his advice.

His friend gave him some audio tracks based on 369 and after seeing their effectiveness in his life he decided to share them with the world and called him 369 Manifestation Code.

If you are interested to know the whole story behind the making of the 369 Manifestation Code you can watch this video.

How Does The 369 Manifestation Code Work?

The 369 manifestation code includes some of the most incredible sound waves that can affect your brain and turn down distracting thoughts and put you in a higher state of vibration.

It helps by working on the subconscious level and prevents negative beliefs that prevent us from getting the universal message. The 369 hertz present in these audio tracks are considered the easiest way to reach an alpha brainwave state.

This brain wave state provides a relaxed state of mind and enhances your creativity levels. Also, it reduces anxiety and stressful thoughts and calms the mind. And, when you experience this state, you are more likely to attract an ideal life.

This idea is also backed up by scientific research. According to the Harvard Gazette, in a study conducted, the students with alpha brain wave rhythm were more good at their decision-making abilities. The brain waves define our reality. These brain waves guide all our thoughts and behaviors.

So, listening to these audio tracks included in the 369 manifestation code alters reality and shapes our experiences.

Moreover, 369 hertz is associated with the cleansing of chakras, essential for our health and survival. Besides, it helps us achieve our dreams and goals.

These waves also help us reach a clearer state of mind and get the universal messages to achieve a perfect life.

What’s Included In The 369 Manifestation Code?

The 369 manifestation code consists of an audio track with a frequency of 369 hertz that can help you unlock abundance and new opportunities. You need to listen to these vibration-altering tracks, and you can manifest a new reality.

It can help you start a new life filled with first-class everything, vacations in exotic places, and also helps deal with your financial difficulties.

Not only that, if you act right now, you will get some additional Bonus tracks, too, that will help your transformation journey better.

369 Manifestation Code Bonuses Include:

1. The first one is called The Millionaire Mindset Shift. Do you know all these millionaires are not more talented or clever than you? Some are for sure, but a valuable trick to the road to success is a simple mindset shift.

This audio track will aid you in increasing your manifestation frequency and double or even triple the amount of money you have at present.

This is worth $97 as a standalone product, but it’s FREE for you if you purchase it immediately.

2. The next one is called The Money Abundance Magnet Moves. Again, some simple behaviors can help with the process of manifesting abundance 10x times easier. With this bonus included in the 369 manifestation code, you will learn these behaviors and start adopting them in your life.

This recording costs $65 as a single product.

3. Another one is The Money Confidence Booster. Your confidence levels and your financial status go hand in hand.

When you are confident about your abilities and you’re worth, you will attract more wealth. This audio track will help boost your confidence within a few minutes.

This audio track is worth $87 as a single product.

4. The last one is The Health Chakra Spinner. You might know what chakras are. These are the spinning wheels of energy-related to our different body organs. When they are spinning correctly, our health remains in good condition.

But, if their work is altered, then you can experience poor health and experience sickness. Here, this audio track comes into play. It claims to help you to get your chakra spinning in the right direction to maintain good health.

This track is worth $147, but you are getting it for free with this manifestation code program.

Purchase 369 Manifestation Code Now 

How to Use 369 Manifestation Code?

369 manifestation code is an audio program for which you need your headphones, an investment of 5 minutes a day, and a quiet place. And you will be ready to achieve a life full of abundance.

Yes, that’s what you need to do. There is no requirement for extra efforts, manifestation or law of attraction techniques, and huge investments. You just need to listen to these tracks daily.

And, if you give it an honest try, then it can transform your life as it did for more than 60,000 people already.

Benefits Of 369 Manifestation Code

You can gain effortless abundance.
It replaces your negative beliefs with positive ones.
Erase all your debts.
It makes your mind clearer to hear the inspiring intuition and reach its full potential.
Enhances your creativity levels.
Turn on your true potential for massive wealth.
You will be filled with hope, happiness, and a relaxed state of mind.
It helps to strengthen and develop a healthy relationship with others.
Serves as a pathway to a luxurious life.

The main goal of the 369 manifestation code is to benefit as many people as possible without the need to invest a massive amount of money. The actual cost of this program is about $597.

But, if you purchase it right now, you can get it for just $27. In addition to this, you will get a 60-days-money-back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you feel this 369 manifestation code is not suitable for you or you are not satisfied with its program, you can ask for a complete refund. You have to send them a mail, and they will refund your full money right away. No questions asked.

And, remember, if you use this program for the next ten days, you can begin to see new abundance opportunities entering your life.

Some limitations of 369 Manifestation Code


It is an audio program that can be used only by downloading tracks. It is not available in physical form as a CD.
If you are not confident while using these audio tracks or preoccupied with negative thoughts, it will not work for you.
It is not recommended to use the 369 manifestation code while driving or operating machinery.

Where Can You Buy The 369 Manifestation Code?

The only place where you can purchase the 369 manifestation code is their official website. It is not available anywhere else.

Conclusion (Based on My Personal Experiences)

Before writing this review I myself went on to try the 369 Manifestation Code Program for 21-days straight to see its effectiveness and changes that it can bring in my life and here is what happened. 

It may sound like an exaggeration but I did NOT saw any results in my first week but I was feeling some internal changes happening to me in my body like I was feeling confident and proactive for my daily activities.

On the 11th day something happened, I manifested $109.43 from one of my business which I started in November last year but hasn’t been working on it since January.

And this money came to me passively from that business, so I decided to continue using it for the next ten days and so far I have manifested $1400 from my business which all came to me passively.

But I believe the 369 manifestation code worked for me because I did the work before and has a clear-cut goal in my mind.

It can work for you too just as it did for me, all I will recommend is Do Not Stop Once you have started using it.

Get Instant Access To 369 Manifestation Code Today!

As you have nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain if successful.


Will the 369 manifestation code work for me?

Yes. 369 manifestation code can work for you if you want to change your life. No matter how bad your situation is. But, remember it can work if you’re persistent with its use and listen to these audio tracks with an optimistic mindset.

Does it provide instant results?

No. You have to listen to it for some time before you will be able to see some visible results. As claimed by the creator, use it for at least ten days, and you will begin to see some significant changes in your life.

What is the best time to listen to these audio recordings?

There is no such specific time. You can listen to the tracks whenever you want and make sure you use them in a quiet place without any distractions.

Is there a money-back guarantee with the 369 manifestation code?

Yes, you will get a 60-days money-back guarantee with this program.



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