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Omi Richie  Omprakash Sharma

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Udaipur, Rajasthan Jul 9, 2021 ( – Om Prakash Sharma, a man who belonged to Udaipur. He started his career from zero, and now he owns his car studio. He always aimed to touch the sky of excellence and success from a very young age. He was always influenced by his favourite cartoon Richie Rich and desired to be like one.

Omprakash, aka Omi Sharma, was born in a humble family and, despite belonging from Udaipur, moved to Chittor (Chittorgarh) because of the professional promises of his father. He had a good time there and completed his schooling from the same place; later in his life, he moved to Jaipur to pursue his Masters.

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He completed his MBA from a well-renowned institution and even got placement into TCI, but the entrepreneur within him was not satisfied with this much. He was aiming for something which could add to society and leave his marks over this world. Being driven by his passion, he opted for not going to work with TCI, and from here, the real struggle of Omi started because he has chosen something which doesn’t drive him safely to success.


From here, he started his journey as an Entrepreneur. He invested his time and money into different businesses, and the leading driving spirit so far belonged to the cartoon character Richie Rich. He was so influenced by this character that he even named his son Richie Sharma.

He was always aware that this is not the easier one, but he kept his spirit consistently high. Despite failing several times, he didn’t lose hope and always strived to become a better version of himself. He was thrashed with debts, and the condition was even worse day by day because he didn’t have a way out because of no money to pay off the debtors.

Omi, one day decided to contemplate everything and tried to find out what exactly is the reason for all this. He decided to give all of this a last try. He chose to work in the Share market to earn something at least to pay off his debts. But all of this turned out to be a game-changer, and he paid off all his debts. Omi gave his continuous efforts, and with time, he started his RICHIE RICH, a car studio. Nowadays, Omi is planning to have his franchises across the nation. He is also planning to begin his NGO for the welfare of others with the name Richie Rich.

So this was the story of Om Prakash Sharma, who is known as Omi Richie now, who strived to become an inspiration, no matter how many obstacles are put forth for him.


Address – Richie Rich Auto Detailing, near Bajaj showroom, Shobhagpura Udaipur (raj.) – 313001


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Richie Rich Auto Detailing


Richie Rich Auto Detailing, near Bajaj showroom, Shobhagpura

Richie Rich Auto Detailing
Richie Rich Auto Detailing, near Bajaj showroom, Shobhagpura



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