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DKEY Private Placement Had Successfully Raised US$2.2 Million, ProBit Initial Listing Soared by More Than 200%!


(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York, United States Jul 13, 2021 ( – One of the most noticeable cryptocurrency big projects that had emerged during the second quarter of 2021, DKEY Bank, released its beta version app on 15th June 2021. In the consideration of convenience, DKEY Bank developed a user-friendly ecosystem based on a simple concept. As the user interface is presented in clean and clear design, investors can operate this beta app with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the navigation efficiency of the interface has greatly improved which allows users to enjoy a seamless and smooth cryptocurrency trading experience.

Additionally, DKEY Bank possesses strong liquidity Binance smart chain and cross-chain bridge functions with strict privacy protection technology, making clearing faster at the lowest cost. Therefore, the initial launch of the private placement app has once again set off a craze in the cryptocurrency industry. A large number of investors have gradually registered accounts and participated in DKEY’s private placement and staking vault.

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DKEY Marks Its Debut Listing on South Korea-Based ProBit Exchange

DKEY Bank was officially listed on ProBit Korea on 11th June 2021, which received enormous attention in the cryptocurrency media. Is DKEY’s ProBit listing driving its market growth? Everyone seems concerned about it.

DKEY got its first listing on ProBit Exchange, a global top 20 cryptocurrency exchange holding Information Security Management System (ISMS) license certification, and has been consistently ranked top three in South Korea. Being the world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, ProBit Exchange has been listed as one of CoinMarketCap’s (CMC) top 20 cryptocurrency spot exchanges based on its current trading volume. ProBit Exchange has completed over 200 rounds of IEO so far and also features nearly 800 cryptocurrency pairs in the market, making it one of the largest platforms in the world. Its trading platform has more than five million active users and supports over 40 different languages, which acts as a door to unlock the global trading market.


DKEY Bank and ProBit Exchange have reached an agreement to select ProBit Korea as the first exchange for secondary market trading. Such collaboration will lead DKEY projects to enter the global market, thus discovering broader development areas and providing higher liquidity.


Innovative Private Placement Model

Breaking through during its first launch has made DKEY go viral in the cryptocurrency market. What is the key to attracting such high attention and influencing the market?


There are a total of 20 rounds of DKEY’s private placement. Through private placement in the primary market, investors can enjoy staking rewards up to 73% of the annualized return. Private placement investors can buy DKEY at a price lower than that of the secondary market and simultaneously gain rewards by participating in one-year staking. According to recent news, DKEY Bank’s unique synchronous marketing model designed for both primary and secondary markets has gained market recognition. As a result, DKEY’s first private placement had completed three rounds in just one day and successfully raised 2.2 million US dollars. Such pioneering work has received overwhelming responses and made a big hit in the cryptocurrency industry. It is currently expected that the remaining rounds will be more popular.


A successful private placement is attributed to the innovative capital raising strategy. The backend team had carried out a meticulous analysis of investor mindset from primary and secondary markets and made an accurate judgment based on current cryptocurrency trends, and hence succeeded in the first private placement. Other than earning rewards during the one-year staking period, private placement investors can observe DKEY’s listing price and trading volume to determine its quantity and holding period.


Market Reflects DKEY’s Popularity

Such news leaks aroused everyone’s expectations. Will DKEY be a major shock to the cryptocurrency industry? Will DKEY become the hope of industry?

The initial listing price of DKEY on ProBit Exchange was US$1.00 per token. As expected, the market price of DKEY has risen by more than US$3.00 per token as of 11th June 2021. It caught the world’s eye as DKEY’s market value has soared over 200% in just one day! 

With the support of a world-leading exchange, it is believed that DKEY’s listing price will rise after launching the DKEY Bank app and all its potential projects will be worth looking forward to. Following the first launch, DKEY Bank will conduct a comprehensive market promotion, and gradually enter other countries around the world to achieve investors’ financial dreams. Based on its current market trend, DKEY will become one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects worth investors’ attention in the second quarter of 2021. Not only that, DKEY will be striving to grow, benefiting global investors, and becoming indispensable in the cryptocurrency industry.

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