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Who Is Ben Jones? – What Does He Do?


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The Music Artist With Powerful Lyrics

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cairns, Queensland Jul 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Who Is Ben Jones?


Australia’s mainstream music scene has had an enormous boost throughout the past 3 years, from astonishing acts such as The Kid Laroi, Onefour, Hooligan Hefs all rising to the top of the Australian streaming charts. In the shadow of these acts, a sparkling new name has entered the industry. A name so fetching you’ll find yourself repeating it time and again. What’s the name? “Ben Jones”. 


I know, by this stage you’re probably thinking to yourself “who is Ben Jones?” or “why should I give a flying damn about another rapper in the music industry?” Well, here’s your answer.  There are four major factors that play an important role in the rising success of Ben Jones: love, loyalty, strength & persistence.


These qualities have driven Ben out of near-death situations and shaped the unique formation of his career. Whether it’s dodging bullets in Colorado, filming a music production in the ghettos of Kenya, or turning enemies into loyal friends, Ben Jones utilises these experiences to make him one genuine and unforgettable personality. Ben Jones was born as ‘Benjamin Jones’ on the 6th of January 2003, Nairobi, Kenya. This is where he developed a natural passion for music listening to his Mother’s R&B blended with classic Afro Beat. Following his father’s call to relocate from war-torn Yemen, where Ben was a frequent visitor, at age six Ben & his family migrated to Johannesburg, South Africa. This period of his childhood planted seeds that would grow into strong roots in the Ben Jones story discovering his burning desire to live a life dedicated to creating music. When he had to, Ben would separate himself from the crowd and play the part of a man preparing for the next Hollywood blockbuster. However, excitement tinted with a rage of violence in his beloved home, Ben’s father uprooted the family again this time to the land down under and savour the delights of a safer if not more predictable environment. His Father, still traveling to feed the family returned to Africa, a father’s sacrifice… Ben quickly grew into his new role becoming the young man of the house. Ben’s move to Australia wasn’t all plain sailing and at times he would feel isolated, downhearted, cut off from the ways of this new home, just different.  Yet these are the factors that built Ben Jones. With little chance of returning to his African home, Ben had no choice but to develop a strong & persistent mindset and an enduring desire to succeed. At high school, Ben found his one true calling – music & life in the public eye. It only took his high school crush to request a song from him, and the musical journey commenced… Through Ben’s hard work & determination he has traveled the world, assisted in running a six-figure business, influenced the lives of many music aspiring people & accumulated over a million streams on Spotify. Ben Jones’s expanding footprint in the mainstream music industry has only scraped the surface, there is so much more to go. We hope to continue covering the fascinating events that will begin to shape and create the talent and the story of Ben Jones.

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