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Join an Emotionally-Rich Lyrical Ballad Withdrewskiana and His Latest Banger ‘Same Girl’



Find a unique taste of new-age hip hop music with Drewskiana and his latest track ‘Same Girl’. He is a versatile New York hip hop artist, keeping his name out there.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Jul 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Brilliant sound design and an emotive side of hip hop music have merged in the latest track Same Girl by Drewskiana. The banger is carefully crafted with a dicey musical arrangement along with deep bass grooves and digital beats. The hypnotic soundscape provides enough creative space for the artist to meander through with his melodic rapping style. His smooth rhinal vocal tone and eclecticism provide a major hook that captivates everyone. The subject in the track is based on heartbreak and getting over feelings while struggling to accept them. The artist emphasizes the title to establish the narrative of love, that he wants the same girl, the beloved after all the incidents. The simple yet complex emotion of love is explained through this indulgent lyrical ballad.

Gaining at full-throttle through his musical journey, this talented New York hip hop artist looking forward to make more experiments in the future to push his creativity. The latest track ‘Same Girl’ appears in the latest EP released by the artist, named ‘Heartbroken Love Story’. The EP consists of five exquisite single and each of them is fire. A perfect balance of intensity and emotions reflects through all over this EP. Some of the other tracks like, ‘Is It Fate’, ‘Be Free’, ‘Never Cry’, etc carry a similar aura and creativity like ‘Same Girl’.

Currently, Drewskiana is busy on his next project to come up with something new. Although he exclusively works with hip-hop music, his dynamic nature makes him more than just a rapper. He is being a role model in the modern music industry and no one can stop him now. With sheer individuality, talent, skills, and a determination to create new music, the artist is proceeding forward. Follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know more.

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