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Get Through the Latest Track ‘Earned It’ by J.A.H, a Cover of the Weeknd’s Famous Single


JH  Earned It The Weeknd Cover

Get ready for a musical blast as J.Á.H. is all set to launch the cover of The Weeknd’s famous track ‘Earned It’. The single is releasing on 29th of July of this year.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Australia Jul 23, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Creating a huge anticipation among the listeners, J.Á.H. is all set to launch his latest music video which is premiering on 29th of July. The artist is making a cover of The Weeknd’s hit single Earned It. The artist has made this live cover at the Loop Project Space and Bar which is situated in Melbourne. Hailing from Austrailia, this artist is setting his footstep in the industry with his talent, skills and a great sense of music. The artist possesses an amazing voice and with his meandering skills, he has recreated the track with his sheer individuality. The listeners and fans are eagerly waiting for the premiere on this month.

The original track by Weeknd has been a huge hit with its amazing lyricism filled with intimacy and quick immersive moments. Soft and sublime musical arrangement in this track has supported Weeknd’s seductive vocals. Written from an engaging point of view, the single is filled with artsy, creativity and an intimate approach that does not fail to provide goosebumps. With its seductive representation and soulfully sultry singing, the track has gathered a lot of attention and also been featured in the famous erotic move ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, based on the novel. The track has also been released with an official music video that features The Weeknd performing on stage with co-dancers with minimal cloth and maximum artsy. The mood of the track is beautifully represented through the video is explicitly raw yet owns the melodic superiority.

With the forthcoming release of ‘Earned It’(The Weeknd Cover) by J.Á.H., this artist making a great kick-started his musical journey. In terms of popularity and relevance, making the cover of ‘Earned It’ was a great choice already .With the premiere of the video content, gaining exposure is just a matter of time. J.Á.H. is a talented artist and he developed his knack for music at a very young age. The latest cover track, his is making a breakthrough the industry and spreading his musical aura all over the world from the Australia. Follow this artist on YouTube and stay tuned to listen to his upcoming music.


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