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Britton Released an Exclusive Pop Single Called ‘Happy Being Me,’ Which Has Indelible Party Vibes


Happy Being Me

Meet Britton, a rising female artist, and songwriter from the United States, who was just tagged for her current single ‘Happy Being Me’ with positive tunes and charismatic lyrics on Spotify.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toledo, Ohio Jul 28, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Britton, an accomplished musician, and songwriter is on the rise with her latest release ‘Happy Being Me’, a pop dance number with hardstyle sounds. Hardstyle is a modern music genre in EDM that is her hallmark style, and there are very few new musicians that can compete with the Dutch flare. It is an outstanding dancing number with an irresistible pop mix. Its catchy riffs are played on sophisticated notes that will have you jiving to the beats. The song has everything you’d want for in a huge ballad pop song: delicate electric guitar flicks, a reverb-soaked crash, and clap of a snare rhythm, a wall of warmth with soft hints of piano and summery synthesizers, all building to that dreamy ambiance as the vocalist bares her soul. The bridge portion, in particular, relies heavily on honesty and passionate language, yet it’s an honesty that radiates through the entire song.

Britton is a talented vocalist who was inspired to create energetic pop rhythms by 90s synth-based music artists. Happy Being Me‘ represents the pinnacle of pleasure. Its rhythms will assist you to break the monotony of everyday living. The entire song is effective and profound from beginning to the end, eventually ramping up to this incredible wave of cascading sound and vigor as the melody is re-emphasized, and the music flows like an unruly stream, and then it all goes away just nicely; there is even a hint of exuberance amongst the agony and anxiety of lost love. A pretty strong pop tune. It was a fortune that she was raised in a musical household since she was a child. Her musical inspirations and inclinations have been diverse; a real indicator of someone who really enjoys music, independently of the genre. Her favorite artists range from Celine Dion and Whitney Houston’s pop waltz strength to Otis Redding and Curtis Mayfield’s soulful tones. She’s even highlighted the industry’s more current R&B sounds as influential, as well as an indie rock and a pop touch of Coldplay for added fun. She’s an artist that writes and delivers what she feels, putting every ounce of time and attention into her work, and it shows.

The new song she released may be heard as a stress reliever since its words are a sign of rebellion that fortifies listeners to break free from a caged existence loaded with difficulties. It will encourage you to work harder to regain your confidence and put out more effort to free yourself of tiresome problematic lifestyles. She has been putting smiles on her followers’ cheeks for almost a decade, and now she is pushing her limits with new experiments. Her current projects are in the works, and she may have to incorporate layers of non-generic unique chords into those tunes. She has created her own voice and tone over years of obtaining an outlet through writing, producing, and singing, identifying who she is as both a woman and an artist. She had also piqued the interest of producer and writer Tommy Brown, with whom she is now collaborating on her future project, which is set to be published in 2021. She may be found on Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram.

Listen to her creation on Spotify now:https://open.spotify.com/track/7cxsapCCwTGK5OrkfrVdKB

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