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Classic Music Artist and Cellist Amarilis Dueñas Presents Melodic Aesthetics Through Her Soundscape


Amarilis Dueas

Upcoming classical music artist and cellist Amarilis Dueñas is bringing to the light the intellectual and therapeutic essence of baroque and interpretational music.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Jul 29, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Upcoming music artist and cellist Amarilis Dueñas presents a captivating scope of therapeutic virtues through her soundscape. Her cover track, ‘Bach: Cello Suite No.5 in C Minor, BWV 1011: 1. Preludé from her 2020 album, Soliloqvies creates a beautiful, sultry, and deep meaning about musical as an entity. She naturally progresses with her instrument and interpretation and submerges the audience in a stream of soulful therapy along the way. The artist speaks through her instrument as she perceives different perspectives and interprets them according to historical significance in art, literature, physics, and more. Thus, her music connects with the earth on a more intimate level.

The other song from the same album, ‘Gabrielli: Ricercari, canone e sonate per violoncello: 1. Ricercar primo‘ is another rendition circling the creative extremities of the instrument. The artist’s depth and sincerity are presented profoundly in the melodic arrangement. The beautiful and brilliant piece makes for an astounding experience for the audience. The artist’s ambient music is not just a therapy but also a beautiful meandering course of historical understanding of art and literature. 

Artist Amarilis Dueñas defines her music with the philosophy of historic interpretation that connects beautifully with her melodic stream. She is currently composing a piece for a solo Viola da Gamba piece. It unites various modern and baroque aesthetics, as well as reaches the limits of the technique of Viola da Gamba. Listen to her profound musical verses on Spotify. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on all her latest news and upcoming releases.

Bach: Cello Suite No.5 in C Minor, BWV 1011: 1. Preludé:


Gabrielli: Ricercari, canone e sonate per violoncello: 1. Ricercar primo:


Amarilis DueasAmarilis DueasAmarilis DueasAmarilis Dueas

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