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‘Lover By Design’ by Shaun Royal Steals Hearts with Its Exclamatory Emotions


Shaun Royal

Versatile artist Shaun Royal imprints his name and sound in the minds of all by giving an exemplary melodic performance in his new music video ‘Lover By Design’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 3, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Deviating from the conventional course to compose music that is a creative collaboration of various sounds and rhythms seems to be the latest trend. While mixing the eccentricity of multiple genres, few artists showcase their expertise while still maintaining their original positioning in the musical landscape. Introducing one such gem, who with his vast musical knowledge and a deep passion to stand out from the rest has featured himself along with the other mainstream stars, is Shaun Royal. Taking the audience into a completely new and refreshing musical dimension by mixing and producing g unique compositions, the singer-rapper is remarkably casting his impression in the listener’s mind and through his unparalleled talent is emerging as a very strong contender. It seems that the artist is destined to make a huge name in the industry and has already embarked on his path to success.

The multi-genre artist has shown off his hit skills yet again with another new and refreshing track titled Lover By Design. The song comes along with a music video that makes the overall experience even more compelling and memorable. Creating organic, catchy, and undoubtedly refreshing tracks is the aim which the artist follows and with every new track, he challenges his potential. The song is a perfect definition of his musical skills and it’s almost impossible to fit his talent into just one genre. Deriving impressive influence from R&B, pop, rap, and hip-hop, the versatile singer gives out a hitting performance as he lets his silky smooth vocals take the charge. His vocal quality coupled with the well-structured choreography looks and feels fantastic. The song comes attached with an infectious groove and the surprising element hits hard when the singer quickly changes his pace from a soothing R&B to catchy rap with impressive bars.

It’s hard to spot such rare talent in today’s scene where the artist is fluent in all the genres. The song is a catchy, refreshing love ballad that hooks in the listener’s mind after just one listen. The artist has finely balanced his tempo and gifted his best qualities to make it memorable. Coming from South-Central Los Angeles, Shaun Royal has always been a lover of music and his delight in music is not just restricted to sounds and rhythms, but rather brought him memories and gave him special feelings. His wide vocal range and unique musical qualities make it certain that he has something impeccable to offer and is set to be the next big star in the industry. Built under the label Royal Q3 Music, his latest track ‘Lover By Design’ combines the flavor of 90s romance with 80s sound and 70s soul with a modern contemporary twist and is now available on YouTube. Follow his channel for more such compelling projects.

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