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Aspen Blu Releases New Book, The Rich – The Shameless


The Rich  The Shameless

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Texas, United States Aug 7, 2021 ( – Author Aspen Blu recently came out with his book, The Rich & The Shameless that takes the readers on a dramatic journey filled with a thriller, crime, and political color in each of its pages. This exciting read is for Gen Z and gives them a vivid literary description of a captivating saga.

The story of the book revolves around four wealthy teens living in the town of Glenville, the son of a Senator, Rashad Anderson; the sexually wild and future heiress to the Bellevdere Hotels, Kelly Bellevdere; orphan, rising rap star, and secretly gay, Aspen Blu; and the “poorest of the bunch,” Jason Liebowitz who is living life to the fullest, drunk on power and sex. The thrill of the story unfolds one sudden day when Rashad is indicted for drunk driving and manslaughter.

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Other acts include Alan hiring a PI to go after his wife, Kelly seducing her teacher, and posting them online among other things. This leads to Kelly’s breakup with her boyfriend Rashad. On the other end, Aspen gets beaten up by his boyfriend Jason and they later come to peace after Jason shares his story of abuse by his father. In disguise, Aspen leads the previous victims of sexual abuse through a ritual of revenge, capturing, kidnapping, and publicly humiliating and raping Father Nicolas Armand. Expecting the death of Armand to bring him peace, Aspen is disappointed when satisfaction does not follow.

The Rich & The Shameless is a book full of local scandals in Glenville that will give the readers the right dose of thrill and interest. The book is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.


The Rich  The Shameless

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