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For Immediate Release: MedCann Industries, Inc. Corporate Update; ANNOUNCES A REORGANIZATION OF THE COMPANY


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 10, 2021 ( – MedCann Industries, Inc. (OTC – Markets: NSRS), a publicly-traded company currently listed on the Pink Open Market; announces Mr Pulver has resigned from the company and a new temporary CEO has been voted in: Mr John Vivian. Mr Vivian has placed all efforts into the prior restructure and has been working due diligently in placing the company status current.  MedCann management has structured the company as a Voluntarily Reporting Company by publishing its 8K and Disclosure Statement and Quarterly Financial Information with the SEC using the Edgar Reporting System in order to provide current company financial information to the public. A new up to date 8K has been prepared for filing by the end of this week. The company is moving ahead with its plans to modify the company’s forward direction as reported last year. Due to the Pandemic, we were forced to slow down business but managed to stay afloat. Medcann objective is including but is not limited to; topical and organic natural Cannabis plant-based CBD products and “over the counter” medical Cannabis health care products, which the company believes will boost shareholder value. NSRS is restructuring and reorganizing the company and has returned 200 million shares to their treasury. MedCann has paid all platforms; bringing the company current with standard SEC, OTC and FINRA requirements, and is filing its 8K and Financial Statements to be Current for all quarters through April 30, 2021, completing all delinquent updates through the Pandemic.

The Company; (NSRS) has made extraordinary efforts and costs over the last months to comply with OTC markets group “demands” and are working to remove the caveat emptor designation from the company’s listing and restore it to current status.

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NSRS shall be compliant with all SEC rules and Regulation and shall continue to report all of its financial information according to SEC rules and regulations as a voluntarily reporting company.




NSRS is negotiating with private companies in the Cannabis industry looking for beverage, cosmetics, vitamin, and positive medicinal cannabis hemp companies to merge, grow and or joint venture with.


MedCann., has developed the right strategies and fiscal plan to give the company a solid platform for growth in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. We have an experienced team in place with the effort with the incredible synergies with other MJ companies. In the near future, we  plans to launch several new subsidiaries that will include MJ Products, 420 Beverages with CBD and THC infusion along with cosmetic health products that can be sold in licensed dispensaries.

MedCann has acquired the rights to several products in the medical marijuana beverage and medical products segments of the industry, and are presently under LOI’s with a promising companies at this time. (Soon to Be Announced).  We are excited to start our marketing campaign with events happening throughout New York, California, Florida and Nevada and now Arizona.  “We look forward to bringing outstanding, healthy beverages and consumer products to the market stated Mr. Vivian, CEO. The Team has successfully produced CBD Water-Beer and plans on energy drinks products in its first two weeks under the medical cannabis platform, product line called Canna Products.

Manufacturing and Distribution

The company has completed an analysis and timeline for the build-out of its Daily facility in California. We will be prepared to complete the build-out as we receive approval on the licenses that have been submitted. The completed facility will give the company the capacity to increase their production to meet market demands for all of our brands.

Safe Harbor Provision

This news release includes forward-looking statements, including with respect to the future level of business for the parties. These statements are necessarily subject to risk and uncertainty. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in these forward-looking statements as a result of certain risk factors that could cause results to differ materially from estimated results.  Management cautions that all statements as to future results of operations are necessarily subject to risks, uncertainties and events that may be beyond the control of North Springs Resources, Inc., and no assurance can be given that such results will be achieved.  Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the ability to procure, properly price, retain and successfully complete projects, the availability of technical personnel, changes in technology and competition.


Source:  Mr. John Vivian; Transitioning CEO,


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