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“Hendrix In The Trap” MDK – The Rockstar



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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 9, 2021 ( – MDK – The Rockstar

MDK is what urban rock and Hip-Hop fans have been looking for: a throwback to the heydays of rock mixed with the DIY attitude and raw energy of Hip-Hop.  This talented Los Angeles native has already been selling out shows and he is likely to sell out more once his long-awaited debut hits the market. MDK has toured in the US, UK, Italy, Japan, Germany, and The Netherlands. He is already making noise in the music realm and with these touring locations is likely to come to a location near you. For updates, you can follow MDK on 

Instagram at:

Heralded as The Rockstar a modern-day Jimi Hendrix, MDK (Mel Kelly, Jr.) is a guitar virtuoso who has combined his love for rock-n-roll with Hip Hop. In the trailer for “Rock N Roll Thug” featuring Krayzie Bone, the 26 yr. old Los Angeles native gives us a tiny tease of what to expect from his full-length project, Son of Record Producer Mad Money Mel who came up under Clarence Avant (Black GodFather), and Ron Sweeny, MDK is THE TRUTH!


Make sure to stay up to date with this brilliant artist so you can catch his debut, currently under wraps as a surprise to his fans. However, this album is all but guaranteed to shake up the industry and make a name for this young artist. In the words of Mickey Stevenson Motown A&R Man: “I brought you Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye And More I have a gift for this and my gift says MDK is one of the next creative sensations”.

Booking: [email protected]

Contact: Mad Money Mel 323-861-7138


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