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TAFABOT: Best cryptocurrency trading robot for binance exchange


Tafabot trading robot

Tafabot was designed to stabilize earnings in crypto and ensure autonomy for traders.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Aug 10, 2021 ( – Tafabot is an automated trading robot that earns 10% profit of your capital in
every 24 active hours of trade without your capital leaving your wallet. Tafabot is for
both experienced and novice traders. These beginners traders can leverage the bot to make profits without making trading their full-time job and experienced traders can go steps further with this bot. This robot which was launched on the 9th of August 2021 has been designed to be user-friendly and traders have a chance to earn more profit and make the most out of automated crypto trading with the margin trading offered by the Binance exchange.

Tafabot has many features that make it stand out from other trading robots such as,

— Best Trade Entry: The Success of any crypto trading starts with the entry
phase, tafabot ensures the best entry and at the best time possible because the
robot has been designed to check the market and make entry at the optimal time.

— Accurate Analysis: Tafabot is designed to analyze technical and fundamental
analysis accurately and better than any professional trader can.

— The Hedge Function: This is the most striking feature of tafabot. It helps to beat
market manipulations by opening two market positions at the same time, weighs
the risks and runs with the one with lesser risk to create profit and reduce loss of
money. Tafabot is the first crypto trading robot to have a hedge function.

— The REG Tech: The RegTech feature gives users the liberty to pick what coin
they want to trade on as well as the exact settings they want to use for trade
using our setup guide in the user starter pack. This feature was designed in such
a way that the user settings determine the outcome of the analysis of the robot
using artificial intelligence.

The unique features of tafabot are undeniable and the easy way the robot can be used is a huge plus added to it. Its accessibility is also commendable as the robot can be used on mobile and computers.

“Having put into consideration that most traders in remote areas may not always have access to their laptops at all times, the tafa team came up with an encouraging plan for Tafabot users, the TAFABOT mobile app,” said Samuel Benedict, the Chief Executive of Tafabot.

The Tafa mobile is compatible with all mobile gadgets and comes with an exciting 3-day trial plan! This plan is strictly for mobile users to encourage them that tafabot is only a click away and also increases accessibility to users across all platforms and works of life.

The affordability of tafabot services is one to be applauded as the amount is as low as 10 dollars per month and less than 300 dollars for a full year. This mere fact shows that the tafa team has the best interest of its users at heart to make such an evolutionary crypto trading bot for such an affordable price.

Tafabot also has accumulative packages called customer enterprise license where
customers can buy a bulk license and sell to other customers and make a profit, this
creates an entrepreneurial angle on the tafabot platform. For information on these
licenses contact [email protected]

Finally, the tafabot is exceptional evolutionary money making crypto trading robot
and one may never see anything that works like tafa.

Media Team: [email protected]


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