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Doctors across the country unite to sing in Virtual Choir


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Aug 12, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – In a first-of-its-kind effort, an All India Doctors’ Virtual choir was organized by Alterdoctor– “a platform for doctors to explore and express their creative pursuits”, to celebrate the pride of being in the medical profession (alterdoctor.in).

This Collaboration was carried out in the month of July to mark the Doctors’ day celebration in India wherein more than 50 doctors and medical students across the country collaborated to produce a musical medley that reflects on a doctor’s mission. 

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“Apart from being at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 which involves isolated long working hours in PPE and being away from family, the medical community has had to face many hardships in the last 1 year such as delay in exams and episodes of violence against doctors, all of which started taking a toll on the morale of the healthcare worker. Hence when we thought of collaboration, a virtual choir seemed the most apt as after all, what better than music to heal the soul” said Dr.Nitin Yashas, a medical oncology resident and cofounder of Alterdoctor.  

With regard to the songs chosen for the virtual choir, Dr. Nitin said ” We had to ensure that it was a song that resonates with the altruistic nature of our profession and perhaps no other song comes close to “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson in this regard.  We also included a rendition of the poem Agnipath and the song Kar Har maidan Fateh as these convey a powerful motivational message to overcome any obstacle and not give up in the face of adversity- a mindset that healthcare workers possess in these trying times.”

Dr. Tony Rahul and Dr. Roshan Christina who were coordinating with participants across the country said that they had to rely on social media platforms and Whatsapp groups to message representatives of different colleges to enlist participants. They were pleasantly surprised as within a few days of reaching out, the response was overwhelming as more than 50 medicos across the country, from Manipur to Maharashtra, from Delhi to Kerala belonging to more than 20 different institutes such as AIIMS Delhi, CMC Vellore, St.John’s Medical College Bangalore, KMC Manipal, KEM Mumbai, etc, expressed an interest to be part of this. 

Dr.Maya Mascarenhas, a Doctor musician from Bangalore who has had years of experience in conducting choirs as part of the renowned musical group: “The Bangalore chorus”, was in charge of the music production and direction along with her husband Mr. Eric Samuel. She said ” This was a unique project. We realized that it was going to be fun and yet at the same time challenging to coordinate a virtual choir amongst medicos: most of whom we were meeting virtually for the first time.  Hence a lot of planning went into the process and involved different  groups of singers such as Melody, Alto, Bass, Tenor to listen and practice to the timing of the learning tracks that we would have prepared, before recording their parts”.  “However the sheer enthusiasm and infectious energy with which the medicos recorded their parts with precision-made the editing task much easier than imagined” went onto add Dr.Maya


The music video has been released on Youtube and has garnered a lot of positive reviews. The collaborators of this music video also believe that not only is this video a celebration of the pride of being a doctor and being able to serve humanity, but also a reflection of the theme of Unity in Diversity –  a relevant message as India gets ready to celebrate it’s 75th Independence day.


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