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Hip Hop Artist Drew The Dream’s New Single, ‘Heart Cry’ Fills Your Hearts with Unexplainable Melancholy


Drew The Dream

The newest South Carolina rapper Drew The Dream offers a brilliant depiction of real-life situations in his recently released melodic soundtrack, ‘Heart Cry’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Florence, South Carolina Aug 15, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The hip-hop music industry welcomes thousands of musicians every day and among them, only a few reach the top. A musician needs to have a distinct age to make it in the scene. Upcoming hip hop artist Drew The Dream has been able to create a separate identity for himself within a very short time proving his capabilities. He has once again astonished the listeners with his lyrical masterpiece, Heart Cry‘ released on major streaming platforms. The song is dedicated to a girl he truly loves. He talks about the girl who misses him after they grew apart. The song is about love and heartbreak presented beautifully through heart-rending lyrical wordplays and his touching vocal performance.

The gifted South Carolina rapper has been involved with hip hop from a very young age. He had experienced many hardships in his life but never thought of striding away from making music. Music is something that gave him hope and solace when everything seemed bleak. That is why he is working towards making his music a safe haven for listeners. So, they can find comfort and motivation to go on. The articulate artist derives inspiration from his own life experiences making his music rooted deeply in reality.

Working independently the prolific singer-songwriter does everything regarding his music on his own. He is not bounded by any limitation of any genre or style. All his songs come straight from his heart and forge a powerful connection with the audience. Drew The Dream talks about his misfortune in love in his latest single, ‘Heart Cry’. Many are bound to resonate with the theme and get addicted to the catchy beats. He always tends to generate genuine emotions in the hearts of his audience through his melancholic songs like ‘Mood’, ‘Lets Travel’, ‘Lost Not Found’, ‘Play Fair’, and more. Follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information.

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