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CPM Reinvents Crowdfunding with New Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency



Token provides guaranteed returns for investors using a Multi-Level Marketing approach


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Camas, Washington Jun 10, 2021 ( – CPM, a member-owned organization, today announced the launch of its new CPM coin, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that promises to reinvent the crowdfunding process. CPM enables investors to back new ventures while providing entrepreneurs with a new way to get funded. The organization is on track to get hundreds of thousands of projects funded on a single platform. CPM coin owners get the opportunity to build a portfolio of multiple funds inside of one token. Through this approach, they can become shareholders in many different industries across the world.

CPM has no owner. Rather, its main purpose is to support members who seek guaranteed returns for their investment in the currency. “We’re a bit like a private club for people who have commercial or personal projects,” said a spokesperson for CPM. “We enable our owner/members to harness the power of the collective for success.”

CPM is taking a three-pronged approach toward generating funds: crowdfunding, cryptocurrency and multi-level marketing (MLM). Unlike traditional MLM programs, however, CPM will only need a predetermined number of people to start. After this number is reached, CPM will close the door to new entrants. Only registered members will be able to participate in the program. Through this approach, CPM members gain the ability to collaborate exclusively on projects with other members.

The bonus and airdrop of the coin will be available for a limited time only.. Any purchaser of the new token will be offered the privilege of becoming a member of the CPM community during the current pre-launch phase. By becoming a member of the CPM group, investors will be able to participate in any fundraising program set up in the community.

CPM tokens will be distributed as bonuses to new participants in the membership program exclusively during the pre-launch portion of the offering. Members of the general public will be able to purchase the CPM coin token and stack it at its lowest price in the hope of a massive increase after the project starts.

Until the launch of the CPM project, the CPM coin token starting value will be 0.00002 ETH and be only influenced by the exchange on the major exchanges or directly on their site.

“Here’s the advantage of owning a CPM coin token: The token is backed by so many projects that, even if one project has less-than-stellar results, the others will help maintain the token’s value. Investors will be able to invest in multiple sectors without having to master them all,” the CPM spokesperson said.

The Ethereum currency will be used in the starter programs to build the liquidity. The CPM coin will be part of the protocol of Ethereum blockchain–the world’s second-most-popular and traded cryptocurrency, with an average of 115 million daily transactions. CPM went with Ethereum because of its acceptance by major corporations, which translates into stability. Although other newer blockchains are cheaper and faster, new blockchains are difficult to maintain in the long run if they do not have major backers.

According to market forecasts, by 2027, 10 percent of the global gross domestic product will be stored on the blockchain network. Currently, several bitcoin and blockchain companies have transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars and are worth billions of dollars.

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