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Jobim Brings A Decentralized Job Market Run By Blockchain Technology Connecting People Globally


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Aug 26, 2021 ( – Blockchain technology has been used in different areas to make people’s lives more comfortable and convenient. Jobim has created a decentralized platform that is used to build a peer-to-peer reputation network. It is created for different businesses and individuals. The Jobim presents a protocol to create applications with the verified data. In this protocol, the people own their own data. It is the best place to manage the data in their other apps. The protocol helps people to manage their apps and control their information under one roof.

The platform is a top choice for app developers due to the interesting incorporation of public blockchain and apps. It is the best way to exchange and save data. It can be helpful for them with immediate access to the user database. It saves a lot of time as they do not have to gather an audience and proceed. The developers will have a chance to earn additional revenue as commissions from the sold data through their apps. Apps from different industries like education, payment, work, and more fall under their ecosystem. Employers can run a background check before hiring or people can find better job options through Jobim dApp.

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At Jobim, the power of the data falls in the hands of the owners. The sale of the data is done only with the approval of the users. They usually exchange KYC and identity data. It also offers credit history for banks, background information on teammates for token sales, information about training centers, education partners, and a lot more.

Jobim is a protocol for creating apps using the verified data with people having full control over their own information. It is the smartest platform for developers, job seekers, and companies to find what they want with the security of Blockchain. It connects people from all over the old bringing them under a single roof. Their current token supply is 4,800,000,000 JBMX tokens. To know more about them, visit


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