JOI’s JLPT Preparation Course changes format


JLPT Preparation class

These effective Japanese lessons are due to start from October 2021 !

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The final schedules and levels for the JLPT Preparation Course have been finalized.
This year JOI’s teachers are going to cover lessons for the JLPT N1 , N2 , N3 and N4 levels to help students prepare for the December 2021 JLPT test.


Popular annual Japanese group lessons

JOI’s JLPT Preparation Course is a popular and very effective method used by students from all over the world to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
These 50-minute online group classes focus on grammar, reading, listening, and vocabulary that is tested in the JLPT examinations for various levels.


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And for the first time this year, JOI is using ASK Publication’s Online JLPT Half-Test as a teaching tool in the JLPT Preparation FlexLessons.


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The online JLPT Half-Test is an effective way to study for the JLPT and practice for the various test sections.

Each purchase includes three sets of practice JLPT tests with the same sections as the full JLPT examination but with half the content.
Students can use this effective learning tool for self-study and test preparation.
And in the classes, the teachers will use the tests to explain grammar, vocabulary, and test-taking tips.


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JOI is a leading Japanese online school that has been providing both group and private Japanese language lessons since 2006.

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