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Klug Counsel PLLC

The firm is helping companies and individuals with income or operations in the U.S. or abroad solve their biggest tax issues.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Oct 7, 2021 ( – Klug Counsel PLLC announced the introduction of their international tax planning and advisement services. The firm aims to help companies and individuals with income or operations in the U.S. or abroad solve their biggest tax issues, stay in compliance with local and international laws, and avoid further problems with their business or income activities.


“It’s important for both U.S. companies or individuals with income or operations abroad and foreign companies or individuals with income or operations in the U.S. to understand that there are specific tax laws that govern their activities. Ignoring or incorrectly interpreting these laws can not only get their business and income activities shut down, but it could cost them a great deal of money in the long run. The good news is that with tax planning and operations advice from a qualified tax lawyer, individuals and business owners can often avoid consequences and eliminate the frustrations that come with international tax laws,” said Christopher Klug, of Klug Counsel PLLC.”


Klug Counsel PLLC provides tax counsel to both foreign and U.S.-based clients that have or are expanding abroad. For those in need of help from an international tax attorney, their services include structuring/restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and disposition, joint ventures, anti-deferral provisions, foreign tax credits, tax compliance, and avoiding traps for the unwary. Klug Counsel PLLC also provides domestic and international estate planning and trust & estate administration advisement for clients making life-impacting decisions about their money and property.


Klug went on to say, “Advising clients on cross-border transactions requires both an understanding of U.S. tax law and how that transaction will interact with the laws of other countries that are relevant to the transaction. Our firm works with individuals and companies to structure cross-border transactions and provide efficient and practical advice related to global expansion. With our help, the clients we serve will have the freedom to take advantage of every available opportunity while maintaining peace of mind about their legal and financial future.”


About Klug Counsel PLLC:


Klug Counsel PLLC focuses on international and domestic taxation, business tax, corporate tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and estate planning matters. The firm advises domestic and foreign clients on tax planning, compliance, and controversial issues. Their clients range from small, mid-size to big and fastest-growing companies, high net worth individuals, and their families. The firm is committed to its clients and to providing highly customized advice and documents, prompt attention, and timely service.


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