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How Self-Discovery Leads to Edge Control for the Soul with Poetic Storyteller, Brianna Laren


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Raleigh, North Carolina Oct 16, 2021 ( – Greensboro, NC.  Many women face mental health struggles on their own.  Moreover, African American women are often seen as the backbone of their family foundation which can lead to unforeseen challenges. With the quarantine, many women have been driven to face their reality behind closed doors and for an unprecedented amount of time.  Brianna Laren is a mom, writer, and filmmaker who is spreading her Black Girl Magic upon bookshelves everywhere with her title, “Edge Control for the Soul”.  This collection is set to help women discover their inner strength one page at a time to help invoke reflection on the self-discovery voyage.


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Poetic storyteller, Brianna Laren, has graced us with an artful poetry collection that interweaves the road to self-care and various obstacles that many Black women have to overcome.   Perfect for re-imagining self-care discovery and routines, “Edge Control for the Soul“, is setting women up for growth, grace, and slayage one page at a time.  Set in the terms of your favorite natural hair verbiage, her collection is motivating women to continue to push past their struggles to achieve their greatness. 


“As black women, we have been conditioned to hide and mask our vulnerabilities so they can’t be used against us. We have to remain strong and impenetrable at all times but that gets really heavy after a while,” says Brianna. The natural hair journey allows many Black women the chance to get to become one with themselves, love their intimate beauty, and hone in on what makes their hair unique.  “My hope is that you will drop the mask, embrace every part of yourself, step into the light and allow the world to see you. But most importantly I hope you grow and thrive,” explains Brianna.

Join her journey of self-love as she takes you on a natural ride with her poetic page-turners.  Grab your copy to follow your inner voyage towards being your own peace. Connect with Brianna Laren online at for her book titles and available merchandise.  You may also follow her on social media as @briannalaren.

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