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Rapper Sickworld’s Feelings of a Betrayed Lover Are Detailed In His Latest Track ‘You Lying’




Rapper, songwriter and hip-hop artist, Sickworld presents his skills and never-ending endeavor in music through his latest track, ‘You lying’, On youtube and Spotify.


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Oct 17, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – With a fresh touch in hip-hop artistry and a creative outlook to the typical rapping, a new generation hip-hop artist Sickworld has come up with his new song, You lying, to show his greatness in his craft. He incorporates, a stylized rhythmic chanting complemented with appropriate beats, to vent out his frustration and emotion for the girl who cheated on him. The primary feature of hip-hop music: rap with beats is manifested with the utmost expertise in his track. By keeping the tempo powerful and energy high in his music, the artist delivers a splendid performance. His inborn enthusiasm for rap and his hurt feelings are evident throughout the playtime.
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The creative genius of a hip-hop artist is defined by his ability to mix beats with melodies. His understanding and belief in this fact are evident in ‘You lying’. By keeping his beats strong with minimal music in the background, he has put the focus more on the lyrics, so that the essence of his song is not overheard by his listeners. His supremacy in poetry and rhetoric is apparent in all his compositions. Sickworld has incorporated poetry, vocal tune, and rhythm in harmony to make the song justify his feelings. He is both fast and slow, and harsh and soft to match the overall theme of his track. His other songs- ‘The Reason ft spit’, ‘Sickworld freestyle’, ‘Never had’ also exhibit the artist’s keenness to hip-hop music.

Artist seems to have achieved mastery in poetic techniques and rhetoric. From meter to internal rhyme, and double entendre, he is educated with all the skills needed to be a good hip-hop artist. His songs have lyrical contents that glorify his frustration and anger. And this is why his songs can be considered as a healing tool for a broken heart. He is now all set to launch his new EP ‘Sagittarius’ in December. The fans are expecting this new project to be a new hit to the music industry. Well, if you are also feeling like listening to him, then check his latest track on his tracks on Youtube. Follow him on Instagram to get to know about his musical journey.

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