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Rock and Roll Musicality by Dave Donatelli in his Latest Song ‘Eighteen Wheels’ is a Very Infectious


Eighteen Wheels by Dave Donatelli

Bringing a new country-rock song Dave Donatelli has put a new flavor in this genre. The US-based singer would come with more surprise after his new song ‘Eighteen Wheels’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- California City, California Oct 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Stunning vocal with the mixture of the rocking musical representation has given wide recognition to the US-based singer Dave Donatelli. The singer is that he releases songs based on a country music genre and he is also famous for being a prolific songwriter. The most effective character of this singer is his accomplishments that he has achieved until today which is based on recording new country-rock music. The singer has started his latest song ‘Eighteen Wheels with a refreshing note at the very beginning.

From his Instagram and Twitter account, it is quite visible that the singer has a great passion not only for country-rock music but also for other types of musical genres. Dave Donatelli has always emphasis on daily music practice and he advises any independent singer for it. Most importantly, ‘Eighteen Wheels’ can become a familiar song to any layman listener as the song is very simple. However, the complex guitar riff and the musical pieces through the electric guitar can also attract any musical veteran to this song. Furthermore, the lyrics of the song are so refreshing that they can re-energize to any person.

The singer has also many more beautiful numbers in his singing career and some of them are ‘Flame is Burning’, ‘Memory Lane’, ‘Small Town’, and many others. Each song has influenced the listeners’ minds so that the people are looking forwards to his next projects. His influences from whom he has learnt releasing amusing tracks involve – The Eagles, America, Jason Aldean, Jackson Browne and Garth Brooks. Brilliant musicianship and strong guitar work indicate his passion and skills over the country-rock music. However, after listening to this scintillating song, mostly the youngsters are seeking to get new more flavors from the artist.

Just go for this track ‘Eighteen Wheels’ by Dave Donatelli :


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