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Cleveland’s Visual Artist Sampson Smiley Is On The Rise!


Sampson The Artist

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cleveland, Ohio Oct 19, 2021 ( – Greater Cleveland based Visual Artist “Sampson The Artist” has been honing his skills as a Visual Artist for over ten years. Sampson The Artist, known as @SammieDoesIt, is an artist whose level of creativity is impeccable. His mixed-media, bold, and unique style stands out far beyond any other. From acrylic/ oil paintings to graphic design, show his exemplary ability to adapt through creation. The vast majority of inspiration comes from New York street artist Jean-Michel “Basquiat.” As a Visual Artist, @SammieDoesIt does not stifle himself. For him, the title Artist is a broad notion of his ability to create, and every creation is an evolutionary step exemplifying his skills/talent. His ambition and innovative charisma undeniably manifest through his idiosyncratic style – It has led to local features including but not limited to magazines, podcasts, and recognition on news stations. Sampson The Artist is a true artistic innovator of his era – a favorite quote by the Great Muhammad Ali, “I’ll show you how great I am.”

Some examples of Sam’s work has landed him on Local News Channel 5 in Cleveland back when the Cleveland Cavs were in the finals during the 2017/18 season. He gave inspiration and motivation to the public as well as the team. Sam’s notoriety expanded and ultimately landed him providing a frequent art class for the public. Sam has multiple art studios around Cleveland, OH where he not only teaches others in but creates continuous masterpieces. One year Sam painted portraits of celebrities and gave them to the perspective figures he painted. He’s landed his artwork in the hands of Lil Boosie, Stalley, Kevin Hart, and many others. One of his pieces is currently displayed in one of Kevin Hart’s offices and can be seen in the background of Kevin Hart’s Netflix Documentary.

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Sampson also has a clothing and product brand “Tra-evoli” which translate to “I Love Art” backwards. His creativity and work ethic is unmatched, especially coming out of Cleveland, OH! Sampson is well on his way to becoming his own piece of Cleveland and international history at his rate of pumping out exponential artwork!

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