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A New Hip-Hop Artist, B Billz, Has Emerged with His Two Latest Tracks to Rule The Hearts of Millions


B Billz

Rap artist, singer, and composer, B Billz, is perseverant in his journey to achieve perfection. His songs are the ideal examples of his proficiency in music.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New Haven, Connecticut Oct 26, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – With his artistic innovativeness, rap artist, songwriter, and composer, B Billz possesses the stature to extend the limitations of the rap and hip-hop genre. His inbuilt enthusiasm and sublime passion for writing have made him unstoppable in his journey to becoming the best in his field. The central part of hip-hop music is the reciprocity between beats and rap, which the artist has acquired well by spending hours in his studio with his craft. Even in one of his interviews, he said that he never leaves the studio until he finishes his composition. His latest track, new clouds, is one such example of his musical expertise and perseverance. By keeping the beats high and steady, and maintaining the speed fast and slow accordingly, he achieves new heights with his latest track.

The creative excellence of an artist is known for his finding ways to intertwine beats with rap or poetry. But a melodic touch in hip hop adds some extra stars to the whole composition. The same happened with his previous song, Dripping Dior. The song carries the harshness of the hip hop genre accompanied by the softness of melody. By keeping the musical complexity minimal B Billz lets his listeners receive the real essence that he wants to convey through his song. Both of his songs are different from each other, which carries evidence of his versatility.

His understanding of poetic techniques makes him a better rap artist than his contemporaries. Rap, often being considered to be less singing and more a way of reciting poetry is now going to change people’s perception towards it. So stay tuned, as he has many other songs ready to release. ‘New clouds’ and ‘Dripping Dior’ are available on Spotify. Do follow him on his Facebook and Instagram handles to not miss a single part of the journey of this musical genius.

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