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INFINITY by MatchTune: The DNA of music revealed!


DNA of Hotel California song by Eagles

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Oct 27, 2021 ( – MatchTune, the startup of composer André Manoukian and engineers Philippe Guillaud, Igal Cohen Hadria, Hervé Gourdikian, have created Infinity: a technological innovation combining artificial intelligence with human intelligence, opening up new voices in the musical universe.

MatchTune goes even further… by listening to a melody forever!

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INFINITY offers unprecedented modeling of music comparable to that of the brain, within which abounds an endless number of neural paths.

This technology is able to travel within the very interior of music to find new connections and create new musically coherent and harmonious sequences, until it gives rise to an endless melody.

It’s a whole new musical experience available to anyone! Exclusively possible thanks to INFINITY.

For the moment, if Music is the most mathematical Art, it is paradoxically also the most spiritual. The alliance of the two makes MatchTune the new musical beam launched into the future.

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