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Love Letters from the Marine Wolf: A US Hospital and Transport Ship, an Army Medic Afloat, and a War Bride in World War



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Monmouth County, New Jersey Oct 27, 2021 ( – At first blush, a book centered on the WWII love letters between an Army medic and his war bride living and working on the Akron, Ohio, homefront may seem rather bland. Such correspondence, after all, had to pass through an official censor, so what new revelations about the war could possibly be in store? In reality, that would be a vast underestimation of this well-crafted volume, assembled by the daughter of the couple.

Michele Makros has a degree in graphic design and has experience working as the art director for an ad agency. Her knowledge of design is apparent immediately upon opening the book. Every page is filled with historic images, documents, and military memorabilia that bring her stories to life and offer readers a genuine sense of reliving the war.

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In part, this stemmed from her father’s personnel military records being listed in a 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. She was forced to reconstruct his service record the hard way by tracking down living shipmates and their families. And then she creatively incorporated all the information, images, and artifacts they provided.

Makros concludes her volume by briefly discussing her parents’ postwar careers and lives in Akron, including her own upbringing. What could have been another mundane story of wartime lives has been transformed into an engaging and entertaining narrative from which we can learn much.


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