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Rise of Meteoric Growth: Fundraising Capital for ecadema


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Middletown, Delaware Nov 12, 2021 ( – By 2026, it is estimated the total market for virtual learning worldwide will grow exponentially, reaching over 370 billion U.S. dollars. Capturing a share in this market highly depends on ecadema’s visibility to seekers. Achieving better visibility requires significant investment in marketing. This growth is expected to be driven by companies’ willingness to use online learning to upskill their employees.


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Recorded courses are dominating the scene in the online learning industry these days. There is a thirst for real interaction and connection between trainers and trainees. Live online learning alternatives dedicated to professional training are scarce and offer limited potential for both the trainer and the trainee. 

So to fulfill this gap, ecadema, an interactive online learning platform, came into existence following a year of strong growth.


Apart from the existing investors led by Amin Chaar, directly invested USD 500K into ecadema to date; Rahul Kumar Mishra, founder of Techsaga Corporations, also put USD 200K and onboarded as CTO.


Rahul Mishra, the founder of digital transformation company Techsaga, along with existing investors is willing to raise $3.75 million in Series A in a new financing round.

ecadema raised its seed funding round in Sept 2021 and garnered 700k so far, including the latest fundraising. However, said the company is not looking to earn revenue in the next year. He said with the new funds ecadema will attempt to become profitable in the next two years. The online startup says it is expected to have exponential growth and is set to become profitable in the fifth year. 


“ecadema plans to deploy the fresh funds to expand its offerings aimed at exploring international expansion and eyeing some merger and acquisition opportunities. The company will use the funds to increase its user base from trainers, trainees, and corporate users;  to focus on client acquisition; lower CPAs; and increase traffic to the community page” said Rahul.


As of Q2 ‘2021, they have already onboarded 110 Trainers on the platform and expect to onboard a minimum of 100,000 Trainers by the year 2030. As of Q2 ‘2021, they have already onboarded 3,500 users on the platform and expect to onboard a minimum of 40 Million users by the year 2030. ecadema as a platform facilitates the training process for Corporates already onboarded 7 Corporates on the platform and expects to onboard a minimum of 2,500 by the year 2030 as of Q2 ‘2021.

They are expecting to host more than 1 Million sessions in 2030.


ecadema’s revenue model is anchored by one-on-one private sessions, workshops, and courses including group sessions. There is no other platform in the current competitive space that aims to provide the User with the best and most relevant match to Specialized Learning as ecadema is. Other platforms mostly rely more on recorded videos to sell rather than on live interactive learning sessions.


“The reason why we started ecadema was to solve the challenges and bridge the gap between trainees and trainers. Having spent 3 years now in the education space, we know that creating a significant impact as a successful online education venture takes time. So our orientation has always been long-term,” Rahul said.


In a statement, Rahul Kumar Mishra, Chief Technology Officer at ecadema, Inc, said, “With edtech experiencing meteoric growth globally, ecadema as the pioneer and category creator in LIVE online tutoring is driving the tectonic shift towards online learning”

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