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Join an Engaging Lyrical Ballad with Rashad Malice through his Latest Chart-Busting Bangers


Wild SideandPhantom pain freestyle by Rashad Malice

Revolving at the epitome of everyone’s attention, Rashad Malice is reaching new heights with the latest singles namely ‘Wild Side’ and ‘Phantom pain freestyle’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jemison, Alabama Nov 23, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Featuring enticing beats of modern hip hop and an exciting lyrical flow, Rashad Malice has come up with the latest bangers namely Wild Side and Phantom pain freestyle. The tracks are creating a new wave in the hip-hop industry with their dicey sound design and intriguing lyrical approach. The rapper has done a great job in crafting the track ‘Wild Side’ which is currently buzzing among hip hop lovers around the world. The artist’s amazing lyrical flow and deliverance of subject matter make the track even more fun and enjoyable. The track is based on the wild side of the relationship which is represented with a quirky hip-hop approach.

The other track ‘Phantom pain freestyle’ consists of more raw and subtle grooves while offering indulgent lyricism. Just like the track’s title suggests, it aims for a freestyle approach that emits more power and energetic vibes. Deeply emotive and strangely invigorating, the catchy wordplay comes directly from the heart and gut of the artist and engages everyone. The track is setting an example for emerging rappers in the scene.

This talented hip-hop artist is looking forward to his prolific album ‘Ultraviolet Vibes’ which released in Oct. The album consists of sixteen amazing singles. Hailing from Alabama, this versatile emcee is making significant progress through his musical career while enriching the world’s hip-hop industry. Returning to music was the best idea for Rashad and now he is embracing it with heartfelt lyrics and hooky melodies. To listen to more of his amazing tracks, follow Rashad Malice on Spotify. The artist is also available over Instagram.

Let’s listen to Rashad Malice’s tracks only on Spotify: 

Wild Side: https://open.spotify.com/track/70XEJiEGYTW8Oyyp7VSuXU

Phantom pain freestyle: https://open.spotify.com/track/20kyT8ChOhaZl5pEvQ0LMA

Wild SideandPhantom pain freestyle by Rashad Malice

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